in advance!” Wang Xuan further provoked, and looked at his palms as he said, “It’s no different from playing with an ordinary kitten. That’s what big monsters are like.” Come on, it doesn’t feel good or bad, I can only say it’s okay.”

As for Lao Chen, although he is usually calm, he is actually very panicked inside. Therefore, he often “plays the cat to relieve stress” and talks about ancient times slowly, all in order to delay time to practice.
Neither Wang Xuan nor Lao Chen had forgotten that the bone had been suppressed underground in the Buddhist ancestral court. If nothing unexpected happened, it must be an unparalleled evil.
Wang Xuan practices Zhang Daoling’s physical skills, and Lao Chen practices Bodhisattva Boxing, all in preparation for suppressing demons. After all, it is said that these two teachings are very suitable for subduing demons.
But now it seems that they have far underestimated the level of the great demon. Not to mention as an opponent, even escaping is difficult. Now they are just “cat feed”.
The white tiger allowed the three of them to join together without stopping it. It walked slowly and slowly approached. It had already regarded Lao Chen as breakfast. Listening to him talk about ancient times has been delayed until now, and it has become dinner every night.
To be exact, it’s dinner times three.
Wang Xuan sighed: “Old Chen, it seems that there will really be a memorial service for you tomorrow. It has been destined for a long time. Even if I revive you, I can’t change the situation.”
/“Shut up, I haven’t had the pleasure of tearing a battleship apart yet!” Lao Chen didn’t like to hear it.
Bang bang bang!
The three resisted, but they were all knocked away by the white tiger’s big claws, covered in blood. Even though Lao Chen and Wang Xuan tried their best to attack, they were far from its opponents.
“Girl in red, your lost cat is here, take it away quickly!” Wang Xuan shouted.
In an instant, a laughter as clear as a silver bell came, sweet but very cold. Deep in the interior, a woman in red was holding an oil-paper umbrella, smiling towards this side in the mist and mist.
At this moment, Wang Xuan and Lao Chen’s scalps were about to explode. The sound was so clear that it rang in their ears. The two of them instantly felt the threat of death. This was when they encountered a “super big guy”!
Old Chen scolded in a low voice: “Wang Jiaozu, please shut up and stop messing with her. We can’t even deal with her cat!”
When the white tiger saw the woman, its tail started to wag, and it almost turned into a white dog, as obedient as it wanted to be. Then it turned around and pounced, grabbed Aoki in its mouth and ran towards the woman in red.
Wang Xuan and Lao Chen chased after him, but they couldn’t beat the white tiger demon at all.
/Fortunately, the white tiger demon did not devour Qingmu and placed him in front of the curtain. Was he trying to dedicate him to the woman in red? But there was no way to send it through the curtain.
“Sure enough, things suppressed under the Bu