the mother universe. No one can practice it. Except for the mechanical bears and Yudao flags who witness it, no one can see and share it. This grand scene.

Next, Wang Xuan still did not move, just strolling on this road. He tried to continue practicing and enlightening the Dharma, but for six years, he stopped at the level of becoming an immortal and could not make a breakthrough.
During this period, his inner scene returned, and the interior was indeed filled with violent supermatter. Instead of soft supernatural factors falling like snowflakes, it was violent and bombarded like thunder and fire.
“Interior location, stealing time, this shortcut is going to be blocked.” He sighed, having already had a premonition.
Because, in the Age of Mythology, when he met the Sword Fairy and the Ghost Monk in the early days, he discovered that the fragments of the soul that remained in the human world after the two became immortals were almost the same in his inner world and the outer world.
In the final analysis, it is because he has become an immortal and he has become strong enough. No matter where he is, his spiritual thoughts and feelings have been greatly improved, far more than before.
183 years after the extraordinary end of the parent universe, Wang Xuan was 205 years old and officially set off for the extraordinary universe!
He arrived at his destination. Even in this era, it was still very dangerous. As he approached, monsters kept rushing out during the last stretch of the journey.
Some rush out from the abyss under the road, and some rush out from the twisted time and space trap. They are all special, with the atmosphere of different worlds.
This is like a weird intersection, and some creatures can get close to the last part of the road and continue to cause chaos.
Endless fire sparrows, densely packed, rushed out from the distorted time and space. They were like refugees who discovered the lighthouse Wang Xuan in the dark void and were attracted by his vitality.
The fire was endless, and a large number of raptors, as big as camels, flapped their wings and screamed, carrying the overwhelming fire, submerging Wang Xuan’s place.
Accompanied by feathers, rain of blood, long roars and fear, all the ferocious birds that were killed exploded, disintegrated, burned in the void, and turned into ashes on the ground.
A silver-white scorpion, as huge as a mountain, landed from the sky with a rotten aura, but its head was half-rotted and had been attacked by blunt objects, and it was now in a half-dead state.
/Even so, when it fired its tail hook out of instinct, it still caused the void to collapse, carrying fragments of rules with it, which was very powerful.
This monster feels very oppressive, like a mountain pressing down on its top, or like a meteor crashing down.
/When Wang Xuan came here, he would either use the Zixiao Hedao Sword, use the lid of the health furnace, or avoid them. Now he can face these monsters of unknown origin.
As he moved his right hand across the sky, pieces of golden bamboo slips appe