space of the old land, it is densely packed with spaceships and battleships everywhere, as if an interstellar war is about to break out.

Immortals and gods came uninvited. Even though they knew that the road ahead would lead to nine or even ten deaths, they still decided to take this step because there was no way out.
Wang Xuan came with his relatives and friends who were dying.
/In outer space, the steel spaceship is like a dark cloud, covering the sky and the sun. Ninety percent of the immortals and gods who have not left are here and are waiting. This should be the last chance.
There were many people in Wang Xuan’s spaceship. Chen Yongjie decided to leave, and Qingmu followed. Naturally, Liu Huaian, Lao Zhong, and Lele were accompanied by several robots.
Lele has also aged, over a hundred years old. Fortunately, the mechanical Taoist priest taught her how to practice, and she is considered a very talented person.
Huang Ming, Kong Yun, Qi Liandao, Gu Mingxi and others all came. Of course, the most eye-catching ones were the two people in wheelchairs.
Siblings Zhong Qing and Zhong Cheng survived for a year and were still alive and well, but their physical condition had deteriorated and it was difficult for them to stand for long periods of time.
Lao Zhong personally guarded the two siblings in the wheelchair. When the immortals visited and the gods came to ask for news, they were all stunned when they saw this scene.
“Everyone, even a pair of mortals in wheelchairs have such strong ambitions. They want to become immortals and fight for a bright future. You and I were once in the immortal class, there is nothing to hesitate. We were really You shouldn’t give up, it’s shameful to back down!” Zhou Yaosheng sighed.
Back then, he was ready to travel across the universe, but he still hesitated at the last moment and never took that step.
Hearing what he said, Zhong Cheng wanted to stand up immediately, because this was a big black mouth. If he told others about it, it would become an indelible black history.
“Wait a minute! Demon Saint Zhou, what does it mean to fight to become an immortal in a wheelchair? You must not explain it like this!”
Li Tianxian also entered the spacecraft to visit, and another black mouth appeared, sighing: “It is indeed very inspiring. If I had your drive and courage back then, why wait until today to regret it!”
Zhong Cheng was speechless. This was not the same thing at all. He could not have survived a year and a half, but now he was in a wheelchair looking for a chance to change. He was different from the immortals present.
“You two, enough is enough.” Wang Xuan said.
“Fellow Daoist Wang, has it really come since ancient times? But why hasn’t it appeared now? Immortals and gods, please let us ask.” Demon Saint Zhou looked solemn.
He seemed relaxed at first, but in fact he was extremely nervous inside. If he missed it, he would really return to dust in a few decades.
“I don’t know either.” Wang Xuan shook his head.
In another spaceship from Xinxing, sat Wang Hai, Xiu Shan