than ordinary food.

In the new star, the old land, and the depths of the universe, all the people watching the battle, from ordinary people to extraordinary beings, were speechless and speechless.
Someone would like to ask Yaosheng Zhou, is your explanation reliable?
“I can only say that Wang Dixian is too strong!” Li Tianxian compensated.
On the moon, the immortals and gods in the observatory looked a little lost. Will the extraordinary one day return? Although they are already mortals, their cooled hearts are a little hot and recovering.
In the black spaceship, Mu Qing looked indifferent, stood up, and said: “There is no need to test, no matter what, we will capture him today.”
Lei Tuo, Yuhong and other seven powerful gods all secretly breathed a sigh of relief. They felt suffocated just now. They really wanted to test it and make up their mind to leave their country immediately. No one wants to die if they can live.
The two originators of Gou Chen Emperor Palace and Chao Jue Palace stood up, nodded, and prepared to take action. When they approached Wang Xuan six years ago, they were frightened away.
After thinking about it and conducting careful investigation, they believe that they were too cautious back then, and it was impossible for Fang Yuzhu, Yan Mingcheng, Bai Jingshu and others to leave.
Whenever they think of it, they feel ashamed. The two originators came with the most precious treasure, but they were frightened away by a “sick man”!
Of course, they had also speculated that they did feel the breath of the treasure that night. They were puzzled and finally thought it was a remnant treasure.
Because there are countless treasures, and they all have their owners. The three most powerful treasures, the Royal Dao Flag, the Burning Dao Lamp, and the Heavenly Mirror, were all destroyed. In addition, there are two or three remaining artifacts such as the Zixiao Hedao Sword and the Mace of Time and Space, which remain in the world. It is impossible to have them intact. The most precious treasure is in Wang Xuan’s hands.
Now, if both Xiaoyaozhou and Life Pond are activated and attack together, who in the world can resist?
Mu Qing walked out, dressed like a modern person, with long black hair hanging loose. He was very handsome, and his body maintained the most energetic state of youth.
His eyes are deep, and he is holding a life pool like an alms bowl in his hand. It is rough and simple, and it is a famous treasure in the world!
Li Tianxian is very good at arousing people’s emotions. The spectators’ moods suddenly fluctuated. Even ordinary people were staring at the life pool in the picture.
/According to legend, a treasure of this level can directly blow up an extremely powerful fleet with just one blow before the extraordinary world collapses!
“It looks familiar. Who is he? I can’t remember it for a moment!” Zhou Yaosheng said, looking through the picture, thinking about who it was.
Wang Xuan was startled. This face indeed seemed familiar. He recalled it for a moment and immediately recognized i