end, she couldn’t dodge, so she took action directly. The vertical eye runes were densely covered, her hands were dazzling, and the dragon’s tail swung behind her, and she drew it horizontally.

boom! boom! boom
After she faced the battle, everything was inevitable and she could no longer avoid it. She regretted that she should not have agreed to this duel, and began to doubt her life. At the last moment, she felt that she was probably not qualified to leave her name in the golden book.
/No more, no less, a full ten punches, and then Zhu Xi exploded, her body and soul were destroyed, she was penetrated and shattered, her blood spattered and then evaporated!
Wang Xuan turned around, flashed his figure, and entered the city directly.
“Oh, kill him!” By the time the Zhulong Clan reacted, it was already too late. The Black Peacock Clan had already received a message from Wang Xuan, so they retreated first and entered the city.
“Come on, kill me. If you don’t kill me, you will all be the grandsons of this black and white bear!” Wang Xuan picked up the smallest national treasure again and stroked the red panda again.
“Come on, take action?” Zhongxiao, Wolverine and Six-Eyed Cicada all shouted disdainfully.
Wang Xuan turned around and walked directly to the city.
Suddenly, his body stiffened slightly, but he quickly controlled his emotions and regained his composure. He looked in one direction, and a huge wave surged in his heart, and he found a familiar figure from behind. He must have met someone in death, that was someone from the mother universe!
Meeting something unexpected in a foreign land is a joyful thing, let alone in another universe?
The whole world is vast, Wang Xuan is alone in a foreign land, a stranger, and unexpectedly reunites with his old friends. You can imagine his mood. His emotions fluctuated violently in an instant, and some dust-laden memories were opened.
However, he forced himself to be calm. He couldn’t behave strangely here. He was Kong Xuan now, a master in the Sky City, so it would be bad if others noticed him.
It has a slender back, and even the clothes are very “mother-universe”, very unusual, with a Western shorts and a shirt, she still likes it after so many years.
She carries a pair of divine wings refined from divine gold, as if she is carrying technological weapons such as particle cannons. She occasionally turns her head to reveal her profile, wearing a pair of special glasses, with runes flowing, and her quiet voice has a bookish air.
However, when she took off her glasses and stared at the life-and-death arena, a tall bronze building like a mountain, she revealed a bit of wildness and charm, and she was talking to the woman next to her with her spiritual thoughts.
She entered the human world from the fairy world and “rolled” in the world of mortals for more than a hundred years. Most of the time she lived in Ancheng, the old land, and she went from being in her prime to having silver hair.
Later, as they became familiar with each other, they no longer had any grudges a