As long as we make a gesture of uniting the Alpha people, I don’t believe that the four royal families dare not compromise. If they really want to fight to the end, then they can simply unite with the human race and send them to hell.

Without the suppression of the four royal families, our strength can grow rapidly. The recovery speed is no worse than that of the human race. Just wait for the opportunity to drive the Alpha people out of the prairie later! ”
The leader of the Leopard People said murderously.
It was obvious that in his mind, the hatred he had accumulated after being suppressed by the royal family for a long time exceeded his hatred for the human race.
/No matter how hateful the human race is, they rarely invade the prairie, but the royal family’s exploitation of them happens every day.
For these powerful families, the first enemy they have to face is not humans, but the royal family above them.
Apart from damaging the reputation, colluding with the human race actually does not bring much internal impact. Most of the orc races don’t care about these things.
“You can give it a try to contact the Alpha Kingdom, but you can’t have too high expectations.
The current situation in the Kingdom of Alpha is special. Although King Caesar IV has great power, he does not have much say in the military.
If you want to unite with them, you need to persuade not just one or two people, but many big nobles in their country.
Now the person in charge of the frontline army in the Alpha Kingdom is Hudson, who is very difficult to deal with. Even in joint operations, the risks we need to bear are very high.
Therefore, uniting the Alpha Kingdom can be used as a bargaining chip in negotiations with the four royal families, but we cannot really regard it as our trump card.
I still think that the best choice is to start from within and win over all races to join us in facing the four royal families! ”
Butzweig’s words made the scene more lively. The disadvantages of large decision-making groups were quickly exposed.
Regarding the route selection, the heads of the seven clans expressed their opinions one after another, and for a while they were deadlocked.
The more joyful the Orc Empire is, the more peaceful the Near East will be. The great nobles who originally didn’t have much confidence in the Near East development plan couldn’t help but increase their bets when they saw the civil war breaking out in the Orc Empire.
For a time, Crescent Port became more and more prosperous, and there was an endless stream of ships coming in and out every day.
Although transit tax is exempted, the large flow of people still brings countless wealth to Xueyue tie. Other places should still lose money, but Crescent Port has achieved a balance of payments.
Excluding monopoly transactions under the Ministry of Commerce, daily commercial taxes and rents alone cover administrative costs, and there is even a surplus.
There is no doubt that this is a good start. This year’s shop rents are all symbolic. With the current flow of peo