sion, sealing the cave with a killing array, drawing in the water-like starlight to baptize his soul, nourish his body, and study the imperial texture of the parietal bone.

At the same time, he also brewed wine in the cave.
The rare objects collected from the True Saint’s backyard are mainly collected for medicinal purposes. If they are turned into aged wine and the medicinal properties are “mellow” in the wine, then he will benefit from it for a long time in the future and can help him to achieve imperial transformation. this road.
/He had a fulfilling and busy life making wine, meditating on scriptures, visualizing and manifesting the textures on his parietal bones. After adjusting his condition, he began to take the five-color bamboo.
It has five sections, and each section of bamboo has a different color.
Not to mention, the drop of green liquid that he swallowed directly was the original power of the innate wood attribute. It was full of vitality and activated all the cells in his body, like a new life.
His long black hair grew suddenly, extremely bright, and then his bone marrow began to produce blood vigorously, replacing the old blood.
Then, Wang Xuan used the murderous aura in the formation diagram to pierce the khaki-colored bamboo, and a drop of the original liquid with the innate earth attribute rolled out from it. It was thick and atmospheric, directly replenishing the essence of the human body.
“What a good thing.” Wang Xuan sighed. This five-color bamboo was far more precious than he imagined. No wonder many people were vying to buy it.
The biggest worry of limit breakers is that exhausting the source of energy in advance will be detrimental to future development, and this five-color strange bamboo can obviously make up for it.
Although Wang Xuan never worries about himself and thinks that his foundation is strong enough.
But this obvious change at the moment still made his pores dilate, light rain fell, and he felt as if he had ascended to immortality again, and his vitality was as strong as the sea.
Then, he broke open the remaining three sections of bamboo and drank three drops of innate origin with different attributes.
On that day, Wang Xuan passed the barrier and officially entered the third level of the True Immortal Realm. His Taoism increased again, and the texture on his skull became clearer and more complex.
“No wonder they are looking for the Eight-Colored Strange Bamboo.” Wang Xuan opened his eyes, and two lightning flashes flashed through the entire cave, and the effect of improving his strength was obvious.
/The strange bamboo that surpasses the five colors is mostly a change in magnitude. How amazing the medicinal effect is can only be known by tasting it!
He regretted and looked forward to it. The people at the Tattoo Palace were too incompetent. He didn’t know if he would be able to find the eight-colored bamboo in the future.
As for asking him to search for the five-color strange bamboo? He didn’t want to risk revealing his identity. The most important thing was that he