ng Xuan sat there without moving for a while and tasted the wine on the jade table. It tasted okay. Most of the people he knew were in the heaven-level area.

“Kong Xuan, where are you? A goddess is looking for you. What, which one are you asking? Goddess of the Night, come here. What, you can’t leave?”
This was Xiong Shan contacting him. Wang Xuan didn’t remember who Heiye was for a moment. After thinking about it for a while, he remembered that Fairy Mingyue, Han Qing, Heiye Tiannu and others had approached him when the battle in the Bronze Arena ended.
/After a while, Wang Xuan stood up. The palace was crowded with people. The place was so big and there were too many people from all over the country. He was going to go out and look for any old friends he hadn’t seen for a long time.
/For example, Yan Que, Qi Miao, Hong Teng, Cai Wei, An Hong, Cheng Tian and others from Pingtian Academy also went through life and death together and fought on the chessboard battlefield together.
Unfortunately, after walking around in a big circle, he didn’t find it. The people from Pingtian Star Territory probably didn’t come. In addition, he observed carefully and did not see the mechanical tribe that he had been secretly collecting information for. This tribe started a war with the evil spirit and the experiencers, which made him more concerned.
As for the old friends in the mother universe, except for one Zhou Qinghuang, he never found them again. Facing the only person from his hometown, on this occasion, he just passed by and looked at them inadvertently without any communication.
“Forget it, let’s go find Wolverine, Xiong Shan and the others.” Wang Xuan turned around.
As for Lu Renjia, he was very popular and was surrounded by his enemies, such as the Zhulong clan, Yuan Hong, Yuan Sheng, etc., who all tried to win over him and toast him.
However, Lu Renjia made it clear that he did not like fighting in his life and was not interested in anything other than studying the texture of the imperial way.
“Isn’t this hinting to us that he needs Yu Dao Qi Bone and the Supreme Sutra?”
Those people looked at each other in confusion. The true immortal who came out of the world in such an empty world was actually “polluted” by the turbid air of the mortal world. It was suspected that the price was clearly marked, requiring the most expensive appearance fee?
Wang Xuan saw a dozen round black and white bears, and he couldn’t tell who they were. He walked over and patted a national treasure on the shoulder and said, “Brother, where is Xiong Mountain?”
Then, he felt horrified, and a biting chill came over him. The national treasure slowly turned its head to look at him. The dark circles under its eyes were extremely large, taking up almost half of its face, and it looked a little older.
Others didn’t know who this was, but Wang Xuan recognized it at a glance. He was definitely a “cooked bear”. The old stranger from the panda tribe who he used to fish with the karma fishing rod actually came here and walked out of the Central Tiangon