all over the world!

Ordinary people don’t really believe it and think it’s a scam. They probably have some extraordinary tricks and are trying to cause trouble.
“Wang Dixian, please come out, find out this liar, and take in the female goblin!” someone shouted.
This has made many people attracted to them, and they are slightly annoyed. The scammer still wants to filter out the target?
This is where the line is drawn. No ordinary transcendent is needed, only big fish? !
Someone ridiculed: “These days, liars are becoming more and more considerate, much warmer than leaders, and their humane considerations allow the gods and immortals to avoid certain worries and allow them to bring their families.”
Some people are doubtful, because extraordinary banners appear everywhere, and the daily consumption of extraordinary materials is not small. Normal people do not have the strength to play a game.
Some people sighed, even to be a liar requires great strength, which made many extraordinary people want to cry. At least they couldn’t do this together.
During this period, extraordinary factors were far more expensive than gold and countless times more than jewelry. Except for one Wang Xuan, no one squandered it like this.
And Wang Xuan has already stated to the outside world that this has nothing to do with him.
“Whether it’s a liar or a really extraordinary creature, if the situation continues like this, it won’t be possible without attracting the attention of the whole people. This is really an attempt to ‘catch all’ the fairies and demons in one fell swoop, and stimulate them all to the point of ecstasy.”
/During this period, there were successively astonishing weather events. Extraordinary thunder streaked across some famous mythical planets, and strange scenes appeared over modern giant cities with splendid technological civilization. This was not a small incident, but a real revelation Tell the stars everywhere.
This method moved many people.
Some people became serious and solemn, and a large number of people were ready. If the news was true and it was not a trap, they would go straight on the road. Even the weapons and packages from the old era were prepared in advance, so there was nothing to hesitate.
Over the years, not to mention this kind of opportunity, even the cracks in the universe that Wang Xuan, Da Chi Tian Dao and Dao Shaker fought against have been visited by people for a long time, and spacecraft have stayed there, looking for a way out.
Now, as the situation develops, the atmosphere becomes more serious and no longer seems like child’s play.
“Are you being discriminated against in the old land? The flag has not been planted yet.” Qingmu resented that there has been no movement here, no extraordinary flag has landed.
Wang Xuan was also surprised, and he wanted to figure out who it was. These days, he has attracted a large amount of red material to the Royal Dao Spear, Life Pond, and Xiaoyao Boat. If there is an accident, he can fight with all his strength at any time.
/He even wanted to take t