couldn’t get angry even if he wanted to.

Someone suggested: “Brother Wei, you have to reveal your identity quickly. They will definitely be afraid and dare not kill us directly, otherwise we may be in danger.”
“Yes, this secret land is cleaner than a dog’s gnawing. I really didn’t find any strange things. Apparently they were all bald by people who got the news in advance. We just happened to be in the crosshairs of the gun. We are more unjust than the scapegoat.”
A group of people talked a lot, and even they themselves felt that they had become a big grievance, and it was really not worth taking the risk to look for opportunities this time.
“Leave me alone.” Wei Bo felt tired. The most important thing was that he himself was doubting his life. Did his second body rebel and take away the Hunyuan Shen Mud?
Until now, he himself had no idea. If this were the case, he would be put into a cloth bag, which would be considered the right thing to take the blame, and it was God’s will.
“Who discovered this place first?” Web asked.
“I don’t know. When we learned about it, many people came to buy it. It was already made public in a small area.” A truly honest person said.
“There are other people in this bag. They should come in before us and ask.” Someone said.
Weibo’s eyes suddenly widened with murderous intent. In any case, he would investigate the case first to see if he could make any key discoveries.
It has to be said that the internal space of the bag is huge. He flew people for hundreds of miles before arriving in front of another group of extraordinary beings who were not small in size.
He stood in the air, full of murderous intent, and said: “Who is the leader among these thieves? Come here!”
There was a moment of silence on the opposite side, and then it broke out. Some people here were very brave and dared to touch the buildings in the sky. They were naturally wild and there were many desperadoes among them.
“Who are you?” Someone asked directly from the opposite side.
They were unruly and got the news late. After fighting in, they didn’t find many rare objects. Instead, they were captured. They were already very angry.
At this time, some fellow members actually denounced them as thieves. They were obviously fighting among themselves. It was really unreasonable. They did not consider the overall situation and had no intention of working together to help each other.
Before Wei Bo could say anything else, the person from the other side yelled again: “Are you out of your mind? You don’t think about how to join forces to fight out, and you are still creating divisions here. Are you sick?”
/Weibo was very angry. Today was really bad. Nothing was comfortable. After becoming a prisoner, he was scolded by the thieves.
“Do you know where this place is, and do you know who I am?” He said coldly, his hand glowed, and a pale golden rope appeared.
This is a rule condensed by the treasure. It has only been used a few times. It is now darker than when it broke the sealing gate magic circle before.
There was a l