extremely dazzling. It was the starlight entering her body and resonating with her imperial runes.

A pair of butterfly wings behind her, from transparent to silvery white, densely packed, carrying stars, moved violently, shattering the void with a bang.
Her wings flapped, shining a light of destruction, causing blood to splash out of Wang Xuan’s hands.
Wang Xuan was unmoved, his skull glowed, and his own imperial core mark inside roared, intertwined with the textures he had comprehended, and flowed into his flesh and blood.
Outside his body, pieces of luminous paper floated one after another, constructed with Yudao textures, interpreting various magical techniques of the past.
The two had the most violent collision. Countless stars poured out from the divine wings, and the imperial runes spread, illuminating the sky and the earth.
The sea of ??stars fell, suppressing Wang Xuan!
This put him under tremendous pressure. The other party was indeed a bit beyond his expectation. He loved to cry so much, but he turned out to be so ferocious after the fight!
The pair of butterfly wings vibrated, and countless stars fell down. They exploded into the sky instantly, seeming to shatter the battlefield.
Beside Wang Xuan, a piece of paper flew up, and the light of the Royal Dao shone, blasting high into the sky and cutting off the galaxy.
/Wang Xuan and her fought in close quarters. Their fists and palms collided with each other many times, and runes shone in their eyes.
With a bang, Wang Xuan received a slap on the head.
However, Zhuo Yanran’s fingers were trembling with severe pain. She tried her best to block the opponent’s path and delivered such a sharp blow, but she was not moved!
At the same time, Wang Xuan grabbed her butterfly wings carrying stars and pulled them out suddenly, making Zhuo Yanran groan and blood splattered on her waist.
Her embodied divine wings were torn and broken by the opponent, causing serious damage to her, and even the texture of her flesh and blood became dim.
She needs to rest for at least half a month before she can reappear the pair of divine wings, which seriously affects her fighting ability.
Sure enough, she was suppressed.
With a bang, she received a punch on her innocent but cold face, then her lower abdomen was almost penetrated by a punch, and then her spine was cracked.
Wang Xuan’s fist is brilliant and brave.
“Stop, admit defeat!” Xuantian shouted in the distance, a snow-white tortoise shell as big as a mountaintop glowed, and he quickly waved his hand to signal the end of the battle.
“Admit defeat, stop!” Heihe and the others woke up and quickly shouted, if the fight continues, Zhuo Yanran will be miserable and obviously defeated.
Zhuo Yanran was lost in thought and stood there feeling lost. She had actually lost.
Then, she touched her face. It was too painful. The small bowl-like fist hit her face firmly. With such force, even a big mountain or an asteroid would be broken.
Her face did not explode. She could only say that her words were profound and terrifying,