ean by sending me a photo of Xiao Zhong?

But in the end he took it lightly. Was Wang Jiaozu such a nagging person? I’m too lazy to explain it to him, just do it if you like!
Zhong Cheng lowered his voice and said: “Brother Wang, to be honest, I used to think you were a bit of a scam, but now I think you are really unusual, and you may not be able to set foot in the field of mythology in the future. Now we have formed a good relationship, and in the future If you achieve something, don’t forget to guide me.”
Then he said in an inaudible voice: “When I have access to the peerless secrets at home and the golden bamboo slips of the pre-Qin alchemists, I will definitely ask Brother Wang for advice!”
/Wang Xuan was moved, but when he saw his bright smile, he immediately filtered out more than half of his words!
How can the young people in the chaebol have any fuel-saving lights? When Zhong Cheng shows his heart and soul and makes people feel sincere, it means that he has evolved and is much more mature than before.
Of course, if the other party is not lying, Wang Xuan will definitely be rewarded generously in the future.
Zhong Qing came over silently and saw her brother’s deep space signal page, which actually posted several beautiful and lazy photos of her at home, and she immediately became angry. This stupid and unrepentant brother betrayed her again in order to practice his old skills!
How dare you send her photos directly from your mobile phone?
Zhong Qing, who was naked, had clear eyes and looked extremely delicate and beautiful. But after she came over with her long legs, she was very decisive and slapped her brother to the ground with a slap.
Wang Xuan was surprised. Xiao Zhong looked young and sweet, but he was so powerful?
Then, Zhong Qing looked at him with an unkind look in her eyes, as if she wanted to ask for an explanation.
/Wang Xuan was surprised, what does this have to do with him? He didn’t want to get involved in the fight between the siblings, so he took a long step to attend Olesha’s memorial service.
The old man from the Zhong family who practiced Snake and Eight Sanshou appeared and sighed: “This young man is very extraordinary. His words made me tremble in my heart. I have practiced old skills all my life, but I have only studied the scriptures themselves. I have never I have thought deeply about the birth process of the scriptures, and today I suddenly realized it, but I feel lost.”
He was a little absent-minded and stood there looking at the horizon for a long time, feeling empty and empty.
“Is he so powerful?” Zhong Qing was moved.
Zhong Cheng stood up and said: “Of course it’s awesome, and my excitement just now wasn’t all fake. Did you know? What he said is quite similar to what was recorded in a notebook I accidentally saw in the library a while ago. To get close. You must know that the person who left the note is an earthly immortal! So, sister, I threw out the bait again, the Peerless Secret Chapter, the golden bamboo slips and you, and slowly fished for him. Anyway, you are