its and pieces related to ancient times, all the details, starting from knowing those people. , like a picture of life spread out in his heart, he whispered, but firmly said: “I am here, and you are here!”

Yun Shuhe, the black and white light flowing in his left hand, wanted to extract Shang Yi’s memory.
The sword madman’s soul was reorganized and then shattered. He knew that he was in danger, and if no miracle happened today, he would definitely die. He had also overlooked the immortal way, and he would never allow his soul to be looked at miserably.
With a bang, he blew himself up. In his opinion, it was the greatest shame to have someone seize the secret of the soul. He had been invincible for a period of time, how could he be searched for his soul?
“Huh?” Wang Xuan was watching from a distance and found that Shang Yi was not dead. A blood-stained talisman reunited him and resurrected him on the spot.
He was holding the Royal Dao Flag and watching eagerly from the side, always ready to hit the target. There was absolutely no way he would let this person go.
In fact, Madman Sword didn’t want to leave at all. He knew he couldn’t escape. Instead of fleeing in embarrassment and being chased like a dog, it would be better to die vigorously and happily.
“Yun Shuhe, I am unkillable, and I will definitely come to the world again in the future. One day, a more powerful me, with no flaws, and an all-around flawless Taoist body, will come to you and end it with you!”
Shang Yi spoke as if he was in resonance with the other person in the dark, and he was also vowing to find Yun Shuhe in the future.
Under the starry sky, Yun Shuhe said calmly: “Are you talking about your true form holding the sword of the world? I already know that as long as he appears in front of me, he will not survive.”
Shang Yi: “!”
At the end, he wanted to leave a bad hint in Yun Shuhe’s heart. If his true body suddenly appeared in the future, it might make him uneasy.
I just didn’t expect that the other party knew very well that his soul was split into two.
At this time, he burned his soul, broke open the Dao foundation regardless of the cost, released all his potential, and shattered the starry sky with one blow.
However, what shocked him was that Yun Shuhe was standing in the deep sky, surrounded by purple energy. He didn’t even have to hide, and he didn’t need to go crazy to pursue him. The opponent was waiting quietly in front.
“Have you become a stranger?” Shang Yi sighed. For a moment, he felt that his interest was waning. How could he continue to fight? At the last moment, the other party seemed to take that step.
Yun Shuhe said: “Not yet, after I finish killing you, I will be a stranger.”
/Shang Yi was shocked, ashamed and angry. The other party was indeed looking down at him. Even at this moment, he was still calm and calm.
“Kill!” At this moment, he could only roar. The spectacle was astonishing. The scroll of the universe unfolded, and the sword of the soul was wrapped around it, overwhelming the sky and the earth.
Although h