s it been? Kong Xuan killed four times in a row. After Leng Mei, Wu Mingxiu, and Fudaoniu were freed, they each committed suicide by one city lord. The number of 12 city lords was reduced to five.

Even with the addition of the extraordinary beings from the True Saint Dojo, in this situation, it is not enough.
“Where to escape!” Wang Xuan chased him.
/Suddenly, from the end of the horizon, several dazzling lights flew towards him, all of them were holy objects. They shattered the sky, like four sky-shattering divine rainbows, distorting time and space. It was extremely terrifying, and the Dao Yun was boundless, all heading towards Wang Xuan.
“Princess, are you here?!” the knight in bronze armor shouted.
Wang Xuan stood on the ground, fearless. The holy objects were suspended beside him, the grass and vines were swaying, the sacred flowers were blooming, and the gorgeous light rain filled the entire time and space, making him look sacred and empty.
A poisonous insect fluttered its wings, like a winged black silkworm, and flew towards it at great speed, emitting a terrifying spiritual howl from a long distance away. It was actually a sacred object.
“Brain-controlling insect.” Wang Xuan recognized it at a glance. It was a vicious creature recorded in the Book of Extraordinary Poisonous Insects. It was the most difficult to deal with. He had never thought that there would be a holy object in this form.
It is lifelike, like a dark divine silkworm, its black wings collide with each other, making a sonorous sound. It emits a howl in the spiritual realm, which can actually kill a person’s soul.
However, there are grass vines floating around Wang Xuan, divine flowers blooming, and light rain transpiring, making him invulnerable to all means, and the brain-controlling worm cannot kill his soul.
/The flowers of the grass and vines carry the charm of the Tao. They look gentle, but the way they kill the enemy is very domineering. They draw out the traces of the Tao and use the charm of the Tao to suppress the killing.
With a pop, the holy object in the form of a brain-controlling insect was hit by a ray of light and screamed. It was like a real living thing, retreating at a very fast speed and rolling in the void.
The body of the black silkworm was cut off and turned into two parts. The dripping blood was the blood of rules.
At the critical moment, the other three holy objects arrived and helped it block the rain of light from the grass and vines.
A stone bowl stretches across the sky. There are little ripples in the bowl, as if it is filled with liquid. In fact, it is the light of the sword rippling. When it is full, it falls outward along the rim of the bowl.
Now the stone bowl is suspended in the air, as if a sea of ??swords has been attracted, and dense kendo waterfalls are falling down, like thunder covering the sky.
The grass and vines are swaying, and the sacred flowers carry the charm of Taoism. They hold up a curtain of light. Even if the sword light from the outside world is like a rainbow and the stars are