s the first to bear the brunt of the attack. He felt an immense force coming at him. His vision went black, his bones crackled and he couldn’t help spitting out a mouthful of sweet blood.

The force of this punch was freely released and controlled with extreme accuracy, without any extra energy being wasted.
Ji Bai flew upside down and fell into the house, crushing half of the house. She suddenly flew up, pushed with her arms, and opened her own little world.
/The sneak attack was successful, and when he saw that Little World had successfully wrapped up Lu Bei and Zhu Qilan, he wiped away the blood stains on the corners of his mouth and smiled coldly: “It turns out that the leader of the Emperor Ji Sect is here personally. I hope you won’t be greeted from afar, so I hope you won’t be offended.”
“It doesn’t matter, you are willing to go to the Elder’s House to be a guest. If you don’t mind, I can take you to report. From now on, you will be one of my own.” Zhu Qilan said unceremoniously.
“Haha, you dare to speak rudely in my little world. The commander-in-chief’s demeanor is really enviable!”
Ji Bai sneered, then looked at Lu Bei again, pursed his lips and said, “Little brother, keep your fist strong. My sister kindly invites you to share the bliss. It’s your fault to pretend to be in the innate realm.”
The small world is an independent world. To use an inappropriate metaphor, the shore of the land is not the king’s land. Lu Bei and Zhu Qilan are trapped in the small world. Not only life and death are decided by him, but there is an 80% chance of winning this battle.
The advantage is her, there is nothing to be afraid of anymore.
“Can you elaborate on which kind of bliss we share?”
Lu Bei shook off the blood droplets from his fist, subconsciously activated the blood nest, and obtained the skill of yin and yang refining. He felt that it was of no use, so he put it aside and ignored it.
“You’ll find out when you come here.”
Ji Bai bit his lip lightly and looked at him charmingly.
Click! ! !
The cold storm was raging, creating a huge force in the small world. The extremely cold air that suddenly appeared froze down and spread quickly towards Ji Bai’s location.
Ji Bai was stunned, waved his hand to block the space, and looked at Zhu Qilan in confusion: “What method is this? How do you use your magical powers in my little world?”
/Zhu Qilan’s face turned frosty: “Open your eyes and see clearly when this place became your little world!”
Ji Bai’s words made her confused. The small world and she were one, and living in it constituted a world of its own. She still had this basic common sense, and could not make any mistakes no matter what.
Just as he was about to say something, Ji Bai was shocked and looked into the distance in horror. In his sight, a full moon hung high in the sky, surrounded by twenty-eight bright stars.
Looking around, the beautiful mountains and clear waters spread endlessly, and there is a roaring sea tide in the distance, I don’t know how far away.
“This, this is”
small world?
Ji Bai