city that flew in recently. It can be moved, and more importantly, it is easier to conquer than other giant cities!

That day, they did not take action. Instead, each family met and discussed. After all, they all wanted to attack and had their eyes set on this huge sacred city. To avoid harming the peace and causing conflicts, it would be better to sit down and discuss it together.
In the end, they decided that as an early stronghold, this place could accommodate several dojos, so they joined forces.
Of course, a decaying and sinking “big ship” like Wujie Mountain will definitely not be accepted by them, and newly promoted dojos such as Chongxiao Temple will not be invited by them.
That evening, for them, there was another piece of good news. The main force of some dojos had actually arrived for some people, and was no longer just a talk.
/Among them, there is a high probability that a legendary figure who has broken the limit 5 times will finally be born after being “hidden in the snow” for many years, and will soon show off his talents in hell!
There was even a dojo that wanted to regret it that night. Since some of their main force came and the legendary facade arrived, one family was enough.
When the sun jumped out of the horizon and the morning glow dyed the land and the city with a golden glow, the people from each True Saint Dojo set out for the Hell God City.
In hell, when the sun rises, it is also the beginning of all things’ vitality, and all decay, blood, and gloom are cleared away.
On the horizon, people from various dojos appeared, approaching the divine city at an alarming speed, and the pomp was not small.
There are people with extraordinary status sitting on bronze chariots pulled by heavenly dragons. There are also extraordinary people sitting on white elephants with six tusks and a body as huge as a mountain. on the back of the phoenix
People from other places came together. There were so many people that they occupied a small half of the sky, as if all the immortals came out for an extraordinary event.
Outside the sacred city, there is a quite vast plain, covered with golden maple trees, and patches of snow orchid trees. In the morning glow, the golden leaves and snow-white petals are all covered with dew, which is really beautiful.
The immortals landed, and the troops from each true saint’s dojo arrived, comparing all the beautiful scenery. They themselves were all shining with fairy mist.
The explorers in hell, as well as the Internet celebrities in the supernatural world, arrived earlier than the people in various dojos in order to take pictures of today’s historic events.
Originally they were very active and the atmosphere was extremely warm, but after the arrival of the various True Saint Dojos, everyone felt the pressure and did not dare to speak.
Outside the majestic divine city, there was a solemn atmosphere. There were about 10 true saint ashrams, which could not be seen in the sea of ????stars in the world.
Obviously, the group of Internet celebrities in the extraordinary w