nt was probably only available to top noble families.

Most of the fourth-level sky knights are unruly and will only surrender to those who are more powerful or top nobles.
/Although Gershwin, Minister of Noble Affairs, has status in the Noble Affairs Office, he is not qualified to enjoy this kind of treatment.
The fourth-level sky knight has a high status in the Noble Affairs Office. Although his administrative position is not as good as that of the Gershwin Noble Affairs Minister, his status is higher than that of the Gershwin Noble Affairs Minister.
Five fourth-level sky knights were outside, and he was sitting in the carriage, which made him feel really uncomfortable.
“It’s still a while before we reach the portal. Let’s have a bowl of the specialty ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’!” David noticed that Gershwin, the Minister of Noble Affairs, was not used to it. He smiled and took out a bowl of ‘Heart-warming Chain Soup’ from the space pendant. Put it in front of him and said.
The still time in the space pendant made the ‘heart-warming lotus seed soup’ that was taken out still steaming, and a refreshing smell spread in the carriage.
Since the Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin was just an ordinary person, the portion of the ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’ that David took out was reduced, which was the limit that the Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin could bear.
“It seems that you don’t need to go to Qia Manor to enjoy it!” Minister Gershwin was attracted by the aroma, and the presence of his friend David made him forget about the five fourth-level sky knights outside.
The ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’, which surpassed the master-level cooking, made the Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin intoxicated.
It wasn’t until the alchemy carriage arrived in front of the huge portal that Gershwin, Minister of Noble Affairs, woke up from his aftertaste.
/“Arthur, this ‘heart-warming lotus seed soup’ really deserves its reputation!” Minister Gershwin felt that his body seemed to be several years younger, and his whole body was extremely relaxed, and he couldn’t help but admired.
Little did he know that this bowl of ‘heart-warming lotus seed soup’ was cooked by David using water specially added with immortal vitality, so all the diseases on his body disappeared and his whole body was adjusted to the best condition.
As long as nothing happens to the Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin, there is no problem in living to the theoretical lifespan of the divine world.
“We’re at the portal!” David said, pointing to the portal staff trotting over.
“It seems I was rude!” Gershwin, the minister of noble affairs, touched his mouth and said sheepishly. It had been a while since he came here from the noble affairs office, so he just tasted it.
“Honorable Lord Duke Arthur, where do you want to teleport to?” The portal staff must have received the notice and bowed to call out David’s new title.
“Teleport to Garmis!” David replied with a smile.
“Please wait a moment!” The portal staff quickly operated the control card in his ha