l and with a good figure as herself would basically survive in the apocalypse. They are all reduced to the role of exchanging their bodies for food, unless they follow the protagonist.

Liu Changan is like the kind of male protagonist who can protect many girls in the end of the world. He also thought about digging a cellar and locking up Bai Hui, and Bai Hui has not forgotten it! This is also what may happen in the apocalypse!
“It’s okay to go to me, but you have a lot of thighs to hold on to. Shangguan Dandan and Zhu Juntang should both have the capital to survive in the apocalypse.” Liu Changan nodded. He had invited him to dinner several times. He met her in the apocalypse. , if you don’t protect yourself, you will feel uncomfortable, and it will be very uncomfortable if your thoughts are not clear.
“I just like hugging your thigh.”
Bai Hui couldn’t help but blurt out. Seeing him looking at her with the corner of his mouth slightly raised, he couldn’t help but feel a little flustered. He hurriedly explained: “I think Dandan and Xiaotang may want to hug your thigh by then, so I might as well hug you directly.” Okay, hold on to your big brain, I mean your thighs!”
Liu Changan patted his leg. There were quite a few people wanting to hug his thigh. Fortunately, he really had thick thighs, but he was also used to Bai Hui being tongue-tied and speaking garbledly when he was nervous.
/The two of them chatted and walked along Jiefang West Road towards the riverside. The shops on both sides were mainly bars, the sidewalks were full of vendors, and there were many luxury cars in the parking spaces along the street. There were always many people every night. The golden rich man and the beautiful woman who wants to catch the rich man are repeated and there is not much new idea, and it may not be possible to achieve the exchange of body fluids that each of them needs.
This is also the main place where many stories in the documentary “Guarding Jiefang West” took place. People often come here to check in at the Pozi Street Police Station. There are so many crazy people nowadays. Going to the police station to check in is worse than squatting for a while to have a more profound experience.
When he came here, Liu Changan’s attention was slightly focused on Bai Hui to prevent accidents. After all, he had already noticed that many strange beasts like to hang out here, and Zhu Ni often attracts people here.
The last time Guan Yuan, Ma Benwei, and Jin Xiaomei were kidnapped by Shou Kaiming, it was also in this bar.
The alien beasts are probably also attracted by the prosperity and decadent atmosphere of modern cities. Intelligent creatures always like to pursue pleasure, and physical satisfaction is often the most direct and intense. Here can provide a variety of The physical enjoyment that alien beasts can’t get enough of.
But they are low-level after all. Before humans appeared, Liu Changan often slept for a long time. After waking up or returning to the animal world, he would not catch some female animals and mess with