rds was resisted by an extremely dazzling sword light, which penetrated towards them, and there was an extra sword that swept across.

The 14-style Origin Sword Sutra was originally the ultimate sword sutra, superimposed with 5 layers of extreme Yudao textures. Now after sublimation, the last sword has 6 layers of Yudao textures.
The other 14 swords were fine, Miao Gu blocked them, but the last sword that was swept out shocked him.
At this moment, his extremely majestic Taoism, astonishing foundation, etc. all resonated. His spiritual realm was ups and downs, boiling violently, and he quickly retreated.
The terrifying fist light, whose lethality made people feel horrified, illuminated this dark universe. Miao Gu suffered a violent impact. He fought at a higher level and used the mysterious method of the Yuan Dynasty that Wang Xuan had never seen before to perform… All kinds of magnificent wonders in the spiritual realm.
“I don’t believe it!” Miao Gu’s face was ashen. In his opinion, the fragile flowers in the greenhouse were all given away, and the result was very painful for him.
“I wonder how long this sacred blessing for you will last before it will eventually be extinguished!” He still looked like he would give me the best, too confident.
“I’m too lazy to tell you more!” Wang Xuan really didn’t want to explain to him. In fact, there was no way to say more. The Lupo realm was shady, and if the true saint behind Miao Gu knew about it, big things would happen.
Now, his goal is to defeat this person first.
/At the same time, he was sure that this person was indeed very “out of the ordinary” and that he was indeed somewhat powerful.
Wang Xuan used the Sutra Zhan Xing Pian he brought back from the dusk wonders, and drew out thousands of imperial lights, flooding the front.
“Isn’t this a divinely blessed pattern that you cultivated yourself? Moreover, this is a relatively primitive and backward ancient method. It is born naturally from flesh and blood, sinews and bones, and is not a modular and refined construction?!”
Miao Gu seemed to have seen something incredible. His pupils shrank and he stared at Wang Xuan carefully. The light of his soul was fluctuating violently.
“Did I succeed while traveling in a fugue? The light of my soul materialized?” He was shocked and had not yet completely digested the news.
After Wang Xuan heard about it, he finally felt something was wrong. He had entered a misunderstanding earlier and misunderstood it wrongly.
There is nothing more to say. Previously, he was still hesitating whether to kill him after destroying the temple. After all, this place is connected to the 34th level. It is too close to the place where super-transformed prohibited items are hidden. He is afraid of being traced. Arrived, sensed.
Now, there is no problem. Miao Gu cannot be the descendants and disciples of Wu, You, the deceased, etc. The eyes of the supreme beings will not be cast here, so things are not that complicated!
In an instant, Wang Xuan released several holy objects!
Earlier, wh