ad already covered them, blocking time and space in all directions.

“Let you escape into time and space, no matter how you try to escape or become invisible, it will be useless. This whole world is blocked. We will kill you directly!” A chaozueshu said coldly on the opposite side. It was a woman with picturesque features, standing On the back of a golden Peng King, murderous aura flowed, and he was truly angry.
In fact, Wang Xuan disappeared from the place with Fudaoniu and Lao Zhang as she wished.
For a moment, he really didn’t dare to attack hard. The group of people attacked together. Although they did not violate the rules of hell, people at this level were beginning to study Yu Dao. This path overlapped with the path of breaking limits, and a large number of masters gathered. Together, it’s extremely scary!
Of course, among the entire army, the monsters and prowlers in the two giant cities cannot all be super-peerless, which is simply unrealistic. There are only a few, and most of them are true immortals, and a small number are heaven-level.
Even so, this large military formation, led by a group of experts, is extremely scary. It sweeps across this time and space, and the texture of imperialism is everywhere, strangling all living things.
In the heavy fog, Wang Xuan was quiet and motionless. This mysterious and unknown land withstood the test and was indeed separated from the real world. Although it was impacted, there was no fatal danger. He rode the Fudao Ox and took Lao Zhang into the depths of the fog, avoiding the light of Yudao Transformation that strangled everything.
“It’s not about being invisible, it’s not about escaping into the cracks in the void, this is” Lao Zhang rarely has that dazed expression. He has always been confident, conceited, and elegant, but now he is a little confused.
Is this the world of strange people? He reminded himself that it was time to work hard, not to be complacent, not to rest on one’s laurels, but to go against the grain and enter a new world of monasticism.
“Senior’s methods are truly amazing.” Leader Zhang admired.
“It’s okay.” Wang Xuan said.
“The master is naturally very powerful!” Fudao Niu said. It was very alert and realized that Wang Xuan seemed to be hiding his identity, so it changed its name and stopped calling him Master Kong for the time being.
“Where is the man? Isn’t he invisible? Didn’t he escape into the void? Did he escape?!” A group of people outside were shocked.
When they stopped attacking, Wang Xuan broke out, appeared suddenly, and with a bang, the fangs and big stick hit the high-status woman standing on King Peng’s back.
/The spell bloomed fiercely, and many people took action, but there was still a rain of blood. Wang Xuan used a black mace to beat the woman and the golden-winged roc to pieces, and killed her in the crowd, both physically and mentally. destroy.
Puff puff
Three more masters were killed one after another, with blood splattering everywhere. Some people couldn’t bear it anymore and wanted to destroy the rules of balan