Earlier, they all tried to suppress him from wielding the sword, but he put it down on his own initiative and stopped using it, but his combat power increased.

This gave them the illusion that the man holding the sword looked like an unparalleled swordsman. However, the man who put down the sword was even more terrifying, as if he had transformed into an unparalleled murderer.
In the endless deep sky, the mechanical tengu grinned, but did not make a sound. He thought to himself, there is not just one ruthless person, but a pair, and one of them has not yet come out.
It speculated that if the people behind the Four Saints did not appear in time, a death incident might occur today!
It believes that its “spiritual sense of smell” is unparalleled, and it can sense the situation here before everyone else, and other supreme beings may not know it yet.
This is the truth. The True Saint of the Demon Court can be aware of it because he has a deep entanglement and cause and effect with Wang Zesheng. In addition, he also controls a special Demon Cauldron.
Wang Zesheng stretched out his hand, and the giant claws transformed into giant palms, and then changed into fist seals. He followed up with heavy hands, destroying the light of the Four Saints’ multiple spells and shaking off their weapons.
Amidst the banging sound, he continuously scratched into pieces, chopped or directly exploded the terrifying black shadow left by the old saint beside the fire, and smashed the fire of extraordinary origin.
The fire was scattered all over the sky, ashes were flying, and the entire fire was half-ruined. Even if it was reunited, it was completely dim, far less brilliant than before.
/In addition, the figures beside the fire have almost disappeared, leaving only a tear-stained child in the distance, looking towards this side as if standing on the horizon.
The opponent was so overbearing that the hearts of the four true saints sank.
Although the True Holy Lord is difficult to kill, it depends on who they face, such as this powerful man standing in the dark realm, which makes them deeply uneasy.
Especially the Tattooed True Saint, he clearly felt that the other party was mainly here for him!
In fact, the supreme magic here has never stopped. Now it is their turn to hope that someone will intervene. Now they can only fight with all their strength and wait for a turn.
The True Saint of Guixu Dojo, evolved the forbidden Taoism, and displayed his strongest trump card. Others also cooperated. Suddenly, a golden funnel appeared, swallowing everything, absorbing all magic, spinning, and suppressing Wang Zesheng.
Silently, a large, vague umbrella appeared on Lao Wang’s head, slowly turning, causing the supreme golden funnel to stop for a moment.
Wang Zesheng drew his sword again, and this time the long black sword penetrated directly into the golden funnel. With a violent stir, accompanied by the roar of the great waves hitting the universe, the funnel composed of the supreme Tao Yun collapsed and exploded. .
The True Sage of Gu