was Zhu Juntang who sent the bread man to bring it back for her.

“Just because I can’t ride an electric bike doesn’t mean I can’t drive a helicopter.” Shangguan Dandan sat up and pressed Liu Changan’s chest. He picked up the thermos and started pouring water. Even if he took a short nap, he would wake up. Drinking water.
“Believe me, that’s not something you can learn.” Liu Chang’an told him sincerely. With Zhu Juntang’s consistent style, if Shangguan Dandan wanted to fly a helicopter, she would not only not dissuade him, but would also follow Shangguan Dandan. crash.
At that time, forget it when the helicopter crashes, and no one cares about a sheep or a bird falling from the sky, destroying public buildings and property in Junsha City, and scaring the peaceful and happy people of Junsha. What should we do?
Shangguan Dandan drank water and turned a deaf ear to Liu Changan’s dissuasion. For now, he only planned to fly a helicopter. After he became proficient in flying skills, he would fly a big plane with wings. Liu Changan always thought that Shangguan Dandan was doing whatever he wanted. The situation was chaotic, but how could the Queen Mother not have a plan and thorough consideration?
Liu Changan still wanted to say a few words, but he saw that the helicopter in the sky had arrived above the community and began to slowly lower its altitude.
“Huh? Didn’t Zhu Juntang want to send Yan Huaye back by helicopter?” Liu Changan was a little confused.
“Why does it feel like there is one of my daughter-in-law on this small plane?” Shangguan Dandan looked at Liu Changan in confusion.
Liu Changan turned a blind eye to the confusion in her eyes, didn’t hear it, and didn’t need to answer.
It seems that Yan Huaye is on this helicopter. Did she want to come here for a visit before leaving? But there is not a large open space in this community suitable for taking off and landing such a large helicopter.
Only Shangguan Dandan thought it was a small plane. In the eyes of normal people, this thing was a huge thing, flying in a luxurious space in the sky.
The helicopter did not land, but hovered in the air. The cabin door was opened. Zhu Juntang, who was carrying a large box and wearing a gold war doll suit, stepped on an aircraft that was about the size of a square table for eight people. He looked majestic and eight-person. Landed on the ground.
Liu Changan found that the water vapor content in the air was too high today, and his chest was tight and bloated, making him feel uncomfortable all over.
After Zhu Juntang landed safely, the helicopter raised its altitude and left.
“I was very cautious. I did not immediately experience the long-distance flight function of the new aircraft, but used it for landing.” Zhu Juntang was very satisfied with his caution. He swung his hands back and forth against his trouser legs and jumped from the thirty-centimeter-high aircraft. He landed firmly, and then did the gesture of a gymnast opening his arms after landing to thank the audience.
/“In terms of appearance and overall perfor