nd has integrated into it.

“You surprise me even more.” He had bright eyes and a dignified appearance. Looking at Wang Xuan, he naturally realized that this little brother was already a mid-level transcendent. How many years had it passed?
Moreover, he also knew that Wang Xuan was Kong Xuan, who made such a big noise in hell and broke through the limits extremely powerfully.
Then, the health stove and Fang Yuzhu also arrived one after another.
“Wu Liuji, there are some problems on Wang Xuan’s side. Do you want to go and have a look? He has invited many masters. Among them are strangers and treasures. They are suspected of starting a war with others.”
At the Yuesheng Lake palace on the coast of Origin, Li Lin directly contacted Wu Liuji in the world and knew that his abilities were all-powerful and that he had an irreversible relationship with Wang Xuan.
“What, even strangers are out, and he wants to fight with others?” Wu Liuji was suddenly shocked, and then became a little dissatisfied. This “nephew” was a little surprised.
At the same time, he was thinking about whether to call his senior brother Mei Suyun.
In just a moment, he denied it and decided not to alarm his senior brother. After all, this was what the master imagined.
He was well prepared and had one man at a time.
What Fang Yuzhu was given was a rather exquisite necklace, which he wore on his snow-white neck, making the person look even more radiant.
When it was the turn of the health stove, it was really a big gold chain that could really tie a dog, and it was wrapped around the handle of the stove lid.
/“Take a broken chain and hiss!” The health furnace was initially disgusted, but then, it suddenly discovered that this chain was actually made from many kinds of super banned main materials.
In fact, there are also feather banners and curtain sky bracelets, which are used to cover up the secrets of heaven.
Wang Xuan believes that this time he can go to war and fight, but he should not reveal his camp’s trump card. Such a shock battle has the best effect.
So, there are these big gold chains.
After Fang Yuzhu and Yangsheng Lu saw Yun Shuhe, they were naturally very surprised and touched, knowing about him.
“It’s you.” The health furnace was in a daze and saw the woman in red who came out of the feathered banner, the weapon spirit.
It was really lost. They had seen her when she was a strange person. Later, she was killed and became the weapon spirit of Yuhua Banner. Now it seems that there is a possibility of liberation.
“I’ve met senior.” Wang Xuan was still polite and respectful to the woman in the feather banner, mainly because he felt that her past was too sad and miserable.
“Don’t meet me outside, you’re welcome.” The woman in red smiled and nodded, standing together with Yun Shuhe, both of them stood out.
In a sense, the two of them have similar experiences. They were both murdered, and both experienced a turn in desperate situations and a new life.
“Someone is coming!” The woman in red in the feather banner reminded, and everyone