ient text of Daxia line by line. The more he read, the more frightened he became. As shrewd as he was, he immediately solved the confusion that caused Yiliang’s country to fall overnight.

Gravekeeper, what kind of force is this?
King Yuanxuan’s expression remained unchanged, and he raised his eyebrows and said, “Sect Master Lu, you have a grudge against the tombkeeper and want to form an alliance with me?”
“No complaints. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we are strangers to each other. I just wanted to remind King Xuan out of kindness.”
“Oh, would you be so kind?”
“It seems that King Xuan has a deep misunderstanding of this sect leader!”
Lu Bei sighed regretfully. While saying that life was not easy, he sent King Yuanxuan back to the small room and tied him up. He rubbed his little hands and left: “Xiongchu women are unyielding, but this sect leader doesn’t believe it. I want to give it a try.” Is Mr. Li really what King Xuan said?”
The black and white doors closed. After a while, King Yuanxuan couldn’t bear it anymore and cursed loudly in the small dark room. What kind of immortal sword master, what kind of famous and upright sect, with such a sect leader, the Tianjian Sect will turn into a demon sect sooner or later.
Lu Bei kicked open the door, strode forward, and looked down at Zhao Wugou.
There was no skipping of the paid plot, and nothing happened in the middle. No matter how flexible Ningzhou Lu’s moral bottom line was, there was still a basic lower limit. His words before leaving were purely disgusting to King Yuanxuan.
Zhao Wugou received a heavy blow from the sword fierce Dugu, and his soul and body were both injured. Although he was not dead for a while, he lost most of his life. At this moment, Youyou woke up. He should not be indifferent while in jail, and looked at Lu Bei’s There is no wave in the eyes.
“Uncle, you’re awake!”
“It may be a bit abrupt to call you this, but it’s almost over. Your sister is next door. After tonight, we will be relatives.” Lu Bei said impulsively.
Zhao Wugou nodded and slowly closed his eyes.
Lu Bei:
Yes, he is another cold-blooded royal child.
After failing to get an advantage from Zhao Wugou, Lu Bei decided to be cruel, but he didn’t believe it. There was really no family affection between the brother and sister. The brother was indifferent when he saw his sister falling into the clutches of the devil, and the sister could do the same.
Lu Bei kicked open the small single room where Zhao Wuxia was being held. Inside the room, the white-haired girl knelt on her knees, wrapped her hands around the chains and pulled them to both sides. She received a heavy blow from Dugu, and her shirt was severely damaged.
Sensing Lu Bei’s aura, Zhao Wuxia weakly opened his eyes.
“Sister, you’re awake!”
/Lu Bei took out a single piece of clothing and covered it with Zhao Wuxia to cover up his sudden spring sunshine. He said with some embarrassment, “You may not believe it, but the eldest brother who has been with you for many years is actua