l, wearing armor. Her body sacrificed the most important sacred object of the dojo.

It was a fire, not evolved through magic, but a real thing, and there were several phantoms sitting around it.
Among them, some people were crying, burning paper, whispering around the fire, and there was a child wandering further away.
“The phantom of the old saint? What’s the point of this? If you invite the true form of the old saint, you can give it a try.” Wang Zesheng is not afraid and doesn’t care.
Now, when he stepped out, the black field all over his body was vast. This time, his physical body surged, and his right hand stretched out, like the claws of a Kunpeng covering the entire universe.
With a roar, he directly grabbed the fire of extraordinary origin. It was the holy fire of extraordinary origin lit by the old saint. He dared to grab it with his bare hands.
Naturally, the other three people also took action at the same time. Facing such a vicious enemy and an extremely tyrannical generation of murderers, they all felt heavy.
They speculated that this might be the creature whose name was on the first half of the must-kill list!
However, no matter how brilliant their supreme magic is, it seems to ignite the highest spiritual world, no matter how bright and frightening the forbidden items they sacrifice are, the texture of the imperial way is intertwined and stretched across every inch of space.
But they still couldn’t suppress this man.
Wang Zesheng’s legal body surged to a huge size. When the “Nine Destructions and Rebirth Sutra” was activated, it became even more shocking.
It was his accumulation from century to century, and he was on the verge of death again and again, and only after he was close to completely forgetting himself, could this sutra be considered a masterpiece. The Tao of all worlds revived, activated, exploded, and surged, just like the center of the extraordinary universe was bursting!
Lao Wang spread his wings like a divine roc tearing apart the extraordinary world, stretched out his giant claws, and violently grabbed the fire, raising it but unable to burn him.
Suddenly, paper flew and shattered all over the sky, part of the fire dimmed and went out, and a large amount of ashes scattered and scattered.
During this period, accompanied by terrifying roars, several blurry figures beside the fire all stood up and stared together, and then even attacked.
/“It’s just a shadow. It’s not like the true form of the old saint has returned. Why should you fight me?” Wang Zesheng’s right hand was huge and boundless, and it suddenly fell down in the shape of a roc’s claws.
/The space was distorted and collapsed, and the river of time was hazy, as if it had been quickly evaporated. He suddenly caught a blurry black shadow, and then chopped off another one with a palm.
Even though the four true saints behaved very calmly and indifferently, there are still people who can’t help but suck in the myth factor. This devil-like man is so tough and tyrannical that people feel chills in their hearts.