cary at all. On the contrary, I was so scared that I rolled over. Climbing needs to be improved, otherwise it will definitely go bankrupt.”

Wang Xuan frowned, even ghosts, gods and demons were scared to death by ordinary people in the real land? And life here is very stressful, with all kinds of rolls?
/“Old Wang, the ghosts and gods and demons you have there need to be retrained, or else just change a new batch.” Mingwei suggested.
Wang Heng nodded: “Well, I have started to renovate it and will reopen it in half a month. It will be a free trial operation for two days. Later, you can find some friends to come over and give it a try.”
/Wang Xuan frowned when he heard this. In the real place, ghosts and gods and demons are just “props” to provide ordinary people with real experiences, passive services?
It felt like deja vu, and he thought of the Xing Ling, a group of people who once regarded themselves as experiencers in his home universe, and treated his home universe as a place of play.
In a real place, could it be that the people here captured the gods and demons from the six extraordinary sources, put them in special scenes, and had an experience like a ghost?
However, he did not find any special fluctuations in the spirit of his interlocutors, especially those who were afraid of losing their jobs and those who were under pressure to repay their mortgages. They were all depressed.
“Are they ordinary people, or are they also having an alternative ‘experience’?” Wang Xuan really wanted to catch a few people and search their souls to find out.
However, he will not forget that the reason why he was able to enter this world was because a powerful man in the world tore a rift in the universe, and he followed him and smuggled in.
Based on this speculation, there are unimaginable big bosses in this real world!
However, there is no extraordinary factor in the real place, and there is no breath of the decaying universe. Is it possible that everyone is pursuing a return to nature?
Wang Xuan didn’t know what was going on here for a while.
Whether it is hunting gods and demons, putting them into real scenes as game props, or saints pretending to be ordinary people to experience life, for him, they are all far from his earlier vision.
“If a supremely powerful person from the six extraordinary sources finds a real place, and ends up working overtime late at night, paying off the mortgage, and going bankrupt, the experience will be really real.”
Wang Xuan tried to place these scenes on Shou, Yun Ling, Beast King, Hong Xiu, Wu, Mobile Phone Strange Object and others, and it was simply impossible to watch them directly.
It is indeed difficult for him to accept this cruel reality. He has worked hard to pursue the “truth”, but in the end he has returned to ordinary life, returned to peace and indifference, and lived an ordinary life again? So why did he embark on the extraordinary path back then? He just stayed in the old land of the mother universe.
“Perhaps this is the pursuit of a higher spiritual level? Those big g