hanging the focus, “Aunt Ling also has the key to my house. Can the neighbor be the same as that woman?”

Well, I don’t even want to mention Qin Yanan’s name, she has become that woman.
“Actually, it’s all Zhou Shuling’s fault.” Liu Changan really felt this way, “I usually don’t lock the door, and there aren’t anything valuable at home. There are a lot of old men and women wandering around in the community during the day. I still remember you when I see a strange face. Did you come that time? I just stared at you. Thieves generally don’t come to places like this. Where is Zhou Shuling? When she went upstairs and saw that I was not at home and the door was open, she would lock the door. She never made an exception and said no. Hearing that it was necessary for the key to exist, Qin Yanan took a key.”
“The meaning of your oh is that you want me to guess whether you want to continue to explain, let me guess how to coax you next, let me guess how you view this matter, and let me guess how to solve it to your liking.”
An Nuan twisted her body and groaned.
Liu Changan nodded. He sympathized with the many boys who became “boyfriends” nowadays. Originally, in their world, pressing ASDW would move forward, backward, left, and right, pressing QWER would activate skills, and pressing DF twice would trigger the move. It’s good to have flash therapy, but suddenly one day, a game appears. When you press any button, you can only guess what effect it will have. How the hell does it play?
Many times, it’s not that games aren’t fun for girlfriends, it’s just that they’re too difficult to play.
“I don’t know, I’m going back to walk the dog.” Liu Changan held An Nuan’s face in his hands and kissed her hard, “Bye!”
An Nuan stamped her feet anxiously and hurriedly caught up with Liu Changan. She already wanted to talk to Liu Changan. If this matter was not resolved at this time, she would definitely not be able to eat today!
“What if you don’t tell me the key? I won’t eat for three days!” An Nuan hugged Liu Changan, raised her head and glared at him like an angry pufferfish, threatening him so cutely, let’s see how he could bear it.
“I’ll give you the house book.”
“Really, it’s so annoying.”
An Nuan couldn’t suppress the happiness in her heart, and couldn’t help but jump up and down with Liu Changan in her arms. Unlike many girls who started to consider love based on reality early, An Nuan had no realistic needs and desires for a house, but the exaggeration of countless concepts in society , makes people feel that this thing is of great significance. From any angle, it is more consistent with the identity of one’s real girlfriend than holding a key.
Even though it was just held for her, and there was no adding of names or any other operations involving property, An Nuan was happy enough. She felt beautiful just holding it, and she didn’t want anything else at all.
/“I like you!” An Nuan chuckled, not even blushing after confessing her love.
“I get annoyed when I see you.”
“No, you have to like me to