he preciousness of the items inside.

But in his eyes, this was a provocation to him, how precious something could be in a secret room that was not the main castle.
There is no possibility of reconciliation between David and the Liton family. At this time, as long as we seize the slightest opportunity, we will take the opportunity to suppress them.
Butler Jeffrey took David to continue to visit the castle and all the way to the warehouse. Butler Jeffrey opened the doors of several warehouses.
The warehouse is filled with supplies, and it can be seen that the Liton family has not done anything in the warehouse.
A castle like this always has complete records, including the registration of all items, warehouse entry logs, and even details down to daily consumption.
Except for a few special items that have not been recorded, like the previous secret room, the rest of the items would not even dare to be taken away by members of the Liton family if they wanted to.
/“What? Is this news confirmed?” Earl Abe’s energy clone was in contact with the intelligence personnel of the Lyton family, and he shouted in a rare gaffe.
The energy clone of Arvid’s fifth-level Templar watched Count Abe still stand there blankly after ending the contact.
“Abe, what happened?” Arvid, a fifth-level Templar, asked.
In recent days, their two energy clones have been together because they need to discuss some important matters. However, the fifth-level Templar Arvid does not ask about family affairs on weekdays, and he did not pay attention to Earl Abe’s contact. .
“Duke Arthur has advanced!” Earl Abe said with a helpless smile.
“What?” Arvid’s fifth-level Templar showed the same expression as Count Abe before.
/Duke Arthur has already become a fifth-level Templar when he is young. This is no longer a question of potential, but a matter of truly becoming one of the top strong men.
When Duke Arthur was a fourth-level Sky Knight, he could assassinate a fifth-level Templar. Now he is also a fifth-level Templar. So which fifth-level Templar in the world can stop his assassination?
If it were the rest of the nobles, the most they would do after hearing the news would be to sigh at Duke Arthur’s talent and say some words of envy.
But the fifth-level Templars of Arvid were different from Count Abe. They had become mortal enemies with Duke Arthur. How could they not be horrified when they heard the news under such circumstances.
“Is the news accurate?” Arvid’s fifth-level Templar asked.
Although the Lyton family is not as big as before, the intelligence network has not been greatly affected, and there will be no problems with the information given.
Besides, intelligence personnel would not dare to report such a major matter without repeated verification.
“Checked it multiple times!” Count Abe understood what Arvid’s fifth-level Templar was thinking, and he said in a deep voice.
“Trouble!” Arvid, the fifth-level Templar, sighed.
In the past, even though Duke Arthur had the ability to attack and kill fifth-level Templars, he was still only