the deepest place behind the life soil.

“You won’t be able to follow my path even if I explain it. Your ancestor is just giving a hazy description, separated by a layer of fog.” Wang Xuan spoke, not wanting to discuss this topic with them.
Yihui was speechless, the “villain brother” looked otherworldly, but so crazy.
Mingxuan remained silent. Not only was he really confident in being a monster in a big realm, maybe this was one of the reasons why he could reach this level.
“Tell me about the current state of your merged super mythical world, and what kind of deductions your Lupo ancestors have had.” This is what Wang Xuan is concerned about, and there is no need to talk about his own path.
Yihui said: “Our mythical source was originally unique. Not to mention the strongest in the world, it is almost the same. After capturing another extraordinary source, they became fully unified with each other, making it even more unpredictable. So far, it has not been extinguished. The ancestor said the deduction , after the arrival of eternal silence, our place can still support it for more than two thousand years.”
Wang Xuan was in a trance, and he was really not calm anymore. There was a place where the myth could still be brilliant for another two thousand years? !
It should be noted that the legend of the extraordinary source No. 1 only lasted for two thousand years, which was not even enough.
He was a bit suspicious, whether the super mythical world disturbed the trajectory of extraordinary sources everywhere and destroyed a certain balance, causing the No. 1 mythical source to escape, quickly end, and fall into hibernation.
However, he frowned again. It might have some influence, but it shouldn’t be the biggest reason. After all, he had personally experienced this era and heard terrifying footsteps that shook the entire time and space, as if some monster was chasing him. It should have nothing to do with that super mythical world.
“Brother Qingzhou, now we officially invite you to our super mythical world, which is the most vast and splendid pure land for you. We can swear that we never want to harm you, and we really want to be friends with you.” Yihui’s desire to survive was too strong, and he never wanted to reverse the situation of death. His eyes were intense and he said: “Think about it, I even shouted out the word “promise”, how could I not be sincere? The rest, for example, to the only one ‘Tao’ swears an oath and puts various restrictions on you, etc. You can do whatever you want.”
Wang Xuan ignored him and asked Mingxuan: “Is there any unfathomable monster suppressed under the source of your myth? It’s trapped.”
Naturally, he has various questions in his mind, and now he wants to ask them one by one. There was a giant with a mutilated head under Source No. 1, and there was a rag doll with a fairy spirit under No. 2 Extraordinary Source, both of which left an extremely deep impression on him.
/Mingxuan regained her composure and said: “I have sensed that you will kill both of us in the end. Instead of