ling, they began to talk and laugh, and the atmosphere became extremely harmonious.

In the new world, the other side of the universe, there were a large number of extraordinary beings nearby, all waiting nervously, and then they saw a group of ancestors returning with smiles on their faces.
The dark clouds, lightning, thunder, and violent storm seemed to have disappeared all of a sudden.
Even his daughter Numa is no longer grim-faced now, and she and other old monsters are questioning Wang Xuan in detail about his various experiences over the years.
“You actually went to the Yangjiu Realm alone?!” The Patriarch, who usually didn’t talk much, was almost chatty now, asking all kinds of questions.
/Nearby, their direct disciples and others all stared straight-eyed. The “status” of the ancestors was declining today, which damaged the majestic image enshrined in the holy temple.
The ancestors had to be shocked, because, according to what Wang Xuan said, he had found all the extraordinary sources in the six realms of Yin!
The most important thing is that he has a speed that is difficult for supreme beings to match. He can cross the despairing deep space and span countless large universes.
“Can your little boat in the mist take us on the road together?” Qi, one of the three elders of the Old Saint, asked seriously and solemnly.
“It is estimated that it will be difficult for others to board the boat except me. However, if there is a spacecraft towed behind it, I guess the problem will not be very serious.”
“Then why are you hesitating? Don’t delay, march on!” A group of old monsters marched resolutely. After returning to the new world, they were about to travel far away again.
Suddenly, their disciples and disciples tried their best to persuade them to stay. Did the founders really not care about the territory behind them?
“Have you ever been to the super mythical world where No. 4 and No. 5 merged?” Wang Xuan asked, which is where Yihui and Mingxuan lived.
It should be noted that the powerful men in that mythical world have cooperated with Ma, Wu, the old God Lord, the second-generation Beast King and others, and have also gone to explore the place of return to truth.
Moreover, the people over there also participated in the transformation of the new world in front of us. There were fights and peace talks, and the overall cooperation was pretty good.
“A few of us quietly went there and collected part of the Taoist rhyme.” Mobile Phone Wonder said.
Back then, he, Wu Youdaokong and others found the shortcut taken by Ancestor Ji Mie, Ancestor Tian Yuan and others, and followed it.
When they collected part of the Tao Yun, they were frightened away by the big bug that appeared from the extraordinary source, and had to escape, feeling extremely dangerous.
/“It must have been seriously injured and was not pursued. Otherwise, it would be extremely dangerous.” Ma said solemnly.
Wang Xuan nodded. Even after hundreds of millions of years and in the new era, the black centipede-like insect was still seriously injured.