uan figured out what was going on, he expressed his undisguised disgust and disgust.

“You’re going too far!” The mirage’s face was cold, and he burst out with endless killing intent.
However, no matter how he used various secret techniques, the imperial runes illuminated the heaven and earth and flooded the universe’s sea of ??stars, but it was still useless.
The arm that stretched out from unknown time and space did not come into contact with him. It made a fist seal through the void, and with a bang, it shot out immeasurable fist light.
The incarnation of the giant beast mirage exploded on the spot.
“It seems that I have violated senior brother’s instructions again and made him worry.” Wang Xuan said to himself, and finally extended the causal line and traced it back to the location of the mirage and Mu Han’s true body, somewhat hesitantly.
He struck again, and the mirage lion and Mu Han’s true bodies realized that something was wrong, and both shattered into the void and fled.
Even so, the two of them were shaken violently, their cheeks were in great pain, and each received a big slap in the air. Their faces collapsed, their bones cracked, and blood spattered.
They had just learned that Fairy Li Lin, the potential seed of No. 1 extraordinary source, was actually protected by the most powerful person, who was much stronger than them.
“Li Lin will most likely become a new saint, and there is a mysterious boss behind him!” The brief collision alarmed the other saints.
Everyone in the Moon Saint Lake Dojo was stunned. They were all like clay and wood sculptures. The oppression brought by the two supreme beings was solved by the mysterious strong man with just one arm.
That was the giant mirage lion, Outer Saint Mu Han, who was blown up by someone using his sleeves and fists.
“Which senior is here to help? Please show up, Li Lin is grateful.” From the deepest part of the Moon Saint Lake Dojo, a graceful and graceful woman with flawless celestial appearance appeared.
“Senior, please accept my thanks.” Li Xu also shouted excitedly, asking the mysterious man to show up.
Yuesheng Lake, thin smoke is lingering, and the blue sacred lake is spread out. Cliff carvings, lush mountains, suspended palaces, all kinds of scenery are magnificent and extraordinary.
A group of extraordinary beings were awakened. This was the blessing of their predecessors. Is there a super true saint standing up for them?
/Many people shouted along, bowed excitedly, and paid homage to the deep sky.
Wang Xuan felt embarrassed. Some old men with white beards and hair, with muddy old tears in their eyes, wanted to kneel on the ground piously.
/He was far away in Huaguo Mountain, taking action across time and space, stopping everyone with soft ripples, and said: “It’s just a small matter.”
But the extraordinary people of Yuesheng Lake don’t see it that way. It is really difficult to have an orthodoxy without a supreme being and hang on to the old glory of the True Saint Dojo.
In the new era, I don’t know how many people are watch