g said silently in his heart.

Taiyi Daojun suddenly relaxed. He had never practiced the Hongmeng Dao before, but his Hongmeng cultivation level instantly jumped from nothing to the eighth level of the Dao Realm!
/Not long after, he successfully broke through, reached the ninth level of the Tao realm, surpassed the True King, and became the Tao Lord of the Hongmeng Avenue!
However, Taiyi Daojun didn’t care at all.
His eyes fell on the ever-evolving Avenue of Heaven and Earth. The process of evolution from Hunyuan to the Avenue of Heaven and Earth gave him great insights.
He felt more relaxed than ever before, as if the Xu Ying around him was not an enemy, not from the Three Realms, but a disciple who sincerely protected him, allowing him to let go of all guarding.
What he had learned from his previous battle with Xu Ying suddenly came together at this moment. In his eyes, the process of opening up the source of the universe was in reverse, evolving from the avenue of heaven and earth to the source of the flood.
In his body, the three thousand avenues gradually transformed into Hunyuan Taiyi, and a transcendent aura spread out from his body unconsciously.
In the flood of the universe, the great avenue of heaven and earth became extremely lively, and people came in droves to resonate with him.
The rays of light shine across the starry sky, and the clear cosmic light forms a rainbow in the evening.
At this moment, he is the Lord of Heaven and Earth, the Lord of the Great Dao.
After a long time, Tai Dao Master woke up from the Tao Master’s realm, but he saw that Hong Yuan could no longer see the boundary, and the starry sky had not yet formed from the black and yellow. If there is light in the universe, it is everywhere, and if there is darkness, it is everywhere. hazy.
But he couldn’t find any trace of Xu Ying.
Not long after, he came to the core of the universe, where the Seven-leaf Ganoderma lucidum was located.
This spiritual root has become larger, and it is naturally an innate spiritual treasure, unparalleled in the world, and contains great power.
However, Xu Ying was not under the Ganoderma lucidum, he was on the roots of the tree stump where the Ganoderma lucidum was parasitic.
Xu Ying is not very interested in these two innate spiritual treasures, but is very interested in the remains of the Loujie Universe.
The roots under the tree stump extend in all directions and are extremely vast, but at the end of the roots are connected a piece of debris, which is quite vast, about tens of thousands of miles in length and breadth.
That is the remains of the Loujie universe.
/Because the disaster he suffered was not his own, the destruction of the Loujie universe was not complete. From the wreckage of this universe, we can still find the smallest traces of the civilization of this universe back then.
This is the evidence left behind by civilization.
Master Tai Dao slowly came behind Xu Ying and looked at the ruins of the universe. All living beings in the building world, including all the monks, no long