g Xuan held him down with one hand and fanned him with the other hand!

Slap his sworn brother Wolverine four times? Then double it, add some interest, and he took 12 draws in one go.
Everyone knows that Wolverine is the king of Five Elements Mountain, but Zhecheng still takes action, which is no different from beating Wang Xuan, so he is now being specially targeted.
In an instant, Zhecheng’s jaw was shattered and his mandible was shattered. It flew out completely, and of course some of his teeth were taken with it.
/This handsome face is irresistible, completely unrecognizable.
“Are you so cruel to the people in your own dojo?!”
In the void, four huge and dazzling figures, like four gods, sit cross-legged in the depths of the universe, squeezing the sea of ????stars, which is really majestic and intimidating.
A stranger uttered a Taoist sound, and tangible ripples spread across the sky, like a prehistoric sacred lion that was about to destroy the world and was furious.
Up and down the Black Peacock Mountain, many people, friend or foe, were trembling. They could not bear the pressure, and their calves were trembling. The alien power was frightening.
The stranger who scolded him then stretched out a big hand and said: “You can defeat your opponent, but what do you want to do by humiliating the people in the same dojo like this? Don’t you regard yourself as a disciple of Black Peacock Mountain?!”
That palm was astonishing, covering the entire Black Peacock Mountain. It should be noted that this mountain gate is larger than many planets piled together.
Wang Xuan raised his head and said, “If you want to take action, go ahead. Why bother to slap him first? I hit him and made you anxious?”
He looked at Mamoru, but he was still silent, which made his heart beat wildly. Is this old boy going to stand still to the end?
He invited this great god not just to watch the fun, but because he needed to tell the truth.
Shou, he didn’t move and was still watching. This made Wang Xuan’s heart sink. What did the senior brother want to do?
Suddenly, many thoughts came to his mind. Shou hoped to see how he performed?
Wang Xuan’s expression changed slightly. He was valued by the mobile phone. It should have given Shou some associations and wanted to use this to explore his background.
He couldn’t allow him to think too much, because the big hand reached down and grabbed him, which made him have to be on high alert. This was by no means an early stage alien.
The bloody remaining spear glowed, even if it was damaged or broken, it still released part of the terrifying holy power and stabbed into the big hand.
The layers of texture on the imperial path penetrated the alien’s hand, causing blood to surge, and the broken spear enlarged rapidly, trying to split the big hand.
It was as strong as a foreigner but also like avoiding snakes and scorpions. The severe pain and the power of the holy-level imperial method made him terrified. He retreated quickly, bringing with him a large amount of blood.
“Presumptuous!” Thi