Could it be that he has already entered the extraordinary realm and is an old monster?” Someone asked.

“No, he should have taken some strange medicine in the secret place and became a transcendent recently. He was not a transcendent at all earlier. Here are some audio and video recordings that can prove it. He used to be called Wang Xiao under the pseudonym Wang Xiao and was called Grandmaster Xiao Wang.”
/It has to be said that the Sun family is very scary. They used their powerful connections to dig up to this point and recreate the scene of Wang Xuan’s rainy night battle.
Some videos from the past truly recorded Wang Xuan’s life-and-death fight. His fingernails were shaken off and his flesh and blood were blurred. His eyes were definitely not fake. At that time, he was exhausted and his strength was really not enough to sweep away the enemies.
These are enough to prove that he did break through recently after entering the secret place.
“Did we guess wrong? Behind him and Chen Yongjie, there is actually a more powerful transcendent?!”
Some people in the Sun family frowned. If this was the case, the problem would be complicated. What’s worse, they haven’t noticed that person until now.
“Impossible. In this era, such a person can no longer be born. It is rare to have such a legend in the era when myths have not decayed, let alone in this world!”
Someone suggested: “Mr. Ghost has come out of seclusion. He was supposed to kill Chen Yongjie, but I think he can first assess the condition of Wang Xuan!”
“When will we use our trump card?”
All parties are paying attention and talking about it. In just one morning, the three responsible persons sent by the Sun family to Su City were all killed, which was surprising.
“Chen Yongjie has set off again, traveling far away in a hover car. It looks like he is really heading towards the Sun family’s base camp!”
someone said in surprise.
Not long after, news came that something had happened to the hover car. It encountered a car accident on the way, hit the mountain wall, and completely exploded.
The rock walls there were melted, making people wonder if the energy was too strong when the hover car disintegrated?
Soon, the true situation reached the ears of all major forces. The Sun family dispatched the latest super robot and destroyed the hover car along the way.
“Is Chen Yongjie dead? He wants to go to Corning City, 1,400 miles away, to get close to the Sun family. It’s too difficult. There’s a high chance he’ll be bombed along the way.”
“No, Mao didn’t touch it. He seemed to have sensed it in advance, jumped off the hover car and hid in the forest. Not long ago, he had appeared in a city with a population of nearly one million in that area.”
“At this rate, if Chen Yongjie rushes hundreds of miles every day, the Sun family will deeply feel the cold murderous intention and will be under great psychological pressure!”
Everyone was moved.
In Su City, Wang Xuan has been sitting in a beverage shop for a long time, ignoring the eyes around him as he digests some news.