final destination suddenly dimmed, and a “fire” faded away, causing it to scream in agony.

“I am really diligent in this era. I just practiced hard and dozed for 1,500 Yuanshen years, and then I quickly hit the road. However, the journey was too far, and I spent 4,500 Yuanshen years on the journey, old turtle. I’m so tired that I’m going to vomit blood and die, and now I’m even more pissed off, I’ve missed another era!”
The old turtle was irritable and furious. In the end, it was about to shed tears. This time, it had been running for more than four thousand years, and it had worked so hard and diligently, but it still couldn’t catch up.
Unfortunately, it is still far away from the universe abandoned by Source No. 1. It is separated by endless deep space, and no one can sense and guide it at all.
An old turtle, larger than the galaxy, cried alone in deep space.
“It’s strange. After chasing the extraordinary source No. 1, we went after the long legs of the ancestors? The dull and terrifying footsteps in the past seemed to be destroying the world. Why didn’t they appear this time?” Wang Xuan said to himself , originally he wanted to meet the other party for a while, it was half the flesh and blood of a disaster lord level creature.
The three extraordinary sources are like the soul leaving the body, abandoning the physical body of the universe behind, the speed is terrifying, crossing the world, it is too fast.
/Two hundred Yuan Shen years later, Wang Xuan became aware of it and observed brilliant firelight appearing at the end of the dark deep sky, indicating that other sources were approaching.
“It seems that in this era that has lasted for more than six thousand years, the universes where the six extraordinary sources are located have long been close to each other, otherwise they would not have met so soon.”
Since setting out on the road, a total of 270 soul years have been spent, and the six grand and bright extraordinary sources can clearly see each other.
“Huh?!” Suddenly, Wang Xuan rose into the sky and looked farther into the deep sky.
Subsequently, other source masters also sensed it one after another. Then Huo Di stood up, completely startled, and opened his true king’s eyes from below the source.
Wang Xuan was moved and said to himself: “It seems that this era has been abnormal beyond imagination!”
The extraordinary sources, each huge and boundless, are now arranged in the deep sky, all emitting extremely brilliant light. The six realms of Yin and Earth will be unified, seeming to illuminate all the heavens and all realms.
“Besides the source of 6, are there other realms?!” The true king was alarmed. It was already amazing that the myth was heading toward unification, but now there are other abnormal sights.
The six extraordinary sources are now clearly visible, and they are undoubtedly the most brilliant. However, the mysterious hazy outline at the end of deep space cannot be underestimated, and it has been seen by the True King one after another.
“Unexpectedly, the world of Yin Liu Realm is