as surprised. It’s better not to give up.

True King Heitian said: “I don’t want to question it, but there were once true kings and disaster lords who thought that the extraordinary no longer existed in the place of death. As a result, they immediately decayed and turned into ashes, and everything around them disappeared. They were flying one after another, and the dust of calamity was falling down.”
Wang Xuan was moved. Is there such a thing? The real place was more mysterious than he expected and worth the journey.
King Yu said: “Speaking of the real place, when we were on the road, we encountered creatures that were suspected to be disaster masters, and they were actually coming to enter the real world.”
This explosive news immediately attracted Wang Xuan’s attention. He stood up directly and asked the real king to lead the way. He wanted to take a look.
Heitian said: “The distance is not close. Even if we take a shortcut known only to true kings, it will take us 10 years to cross it.”
Soon after, he shut up and stopped talking. On the shortcut to return to his true nature, Wang Xuan stood on the boat in the mist and led the two of them on the road at a very fast speed, greatly shortening the time.
Wang Xuan saw the big claw in the ruined city of Guizhen at a glance, and kept trying to break through the world and enter the real world. He suddenly looked solemn and said: “Will there be any problems if the disaster lord level creature comes like this? Can the true king hunt it?”
/Both Heitian and King Yu were speechless, this one is so bellicose!
It’s not that Wang Xuan is warlike, but he is wondering whether this is related to the disaster lord “Prison” and his cursed beast? Wang Xuan thought it was necessary to ask God.
“In the real land, there is a female disaster lord named God. Do you know and understand it?” Wang Xuan asked the two true kings.
/“God?” King Yu was shocked when he heard this.
Wang Xuan was not surprised that he would have such a reaction. After all, the group of victims in the wonderful scene of the return of Source No. 3 all had a sudden change of expression when they first saw God, and they were frightened away.
When they learned that something was wrong with the god, the big demons became greedy again and wanted to hunt the god.
Although Heitian had a centipede face, his expression was vivid and full of shock, and he said, “Is he the disaster lord who can destroy all worlds and can purify the place where he returns to his true state?”
If this were in the past, during the New Saint Era, Wang Xuan would have been sweating cold sweat. Why does it sound like he has such a powerful background?
As for now, he faces it calmly. He is already the true king and will eventually stand in the disaster domain. There is no need to fear the glory and divine rings of others.
“God is very unusual. He is one of the most powerful disaster lords. There are countless types of natural disasters that have been purified.” Heitian said. He is worthy of being a veteran true king with extraordinary strengt