flected in the Lingfu Cave Sky, feeling the steady breath of Gong Wanzhu and entering concentration. The Taoist finally breathed a sigh of relief, and turned his spiritual thoughts from the sky again. After lightly swiping the black gold chain wrapped around his divine form, the Taoist stopped his thoughts and returned to reality.

In fact, it only happened in an instant from putting away the original book of scriptures to meditating on Gong Wanzhu and entering meditation. At this moment, the afterglow of the thin purple-gold glow around the Taoist body is still spreading between heaven and earth, and it has not yet completely fade away.
In the next moment, as the entire charm of Chu Weiyang’s book of scriptures completely penetrated the world, the hanging photo of the “Jade Book” also underwent a dramatic change.
Almost instantly, the “Jade Book” turned around, and along with it, the jade slip with the words “Zhengxuan and Morality is Pure and Wonderful” was filled with aura. In an instant, the purple-gold glow had not completely dimmed. After it disappeared, it reappeared in the air, and then the glow swallowed up the entire “Jade Book” in it.
The moment the glow dissipated again, the “Nine Heavens Hierarchy”, wrapped in nine colors of light and dark, shone in front of Chu Weiyang.
/The scattered jade light is no longer so misty.
/On the contrary, at this moment, Chu Weiyang’s body was illuminated by a straight hole.
Moreover, what is very mysterious is that Chu Weiyang is clearly still in the realm of Jindan. Logically speaking, when the “Nine Heavens Rank Map” is hung, there should not be Chu Weiyang’s name on it. The glow of light is only in the blank space, and you can slightly sense the location of the famous energy.
But maybe the merit is too great.
At this moment, as the “Nine Heavens Rank Picture” was hung, in the blank space of the picture, the name left by Chu Weiyang also shone brightly.
And not only that, at this moment, the nine-color glow of light and dark also fell down. It was not as bright as when it enveloped Chu Weiyang’s figure, but it also enveloped Chu Weiyang’s name.
It was the spiritual glow itself that turned into a Sumeru bridge.
Chu Weiyang could sense that what the glow itself connected was not just the rank diagram itself. Similarly, under the reflection of the Ruoyouruowu power of Sumeru, Chu Weiyang was even more connected between heaven and earth. In a corner, I sensed a beautiful landscape.
It is the heaven and earth very close to the place where the two worlds merge. It is the rumbling heaven and earth vibration itself, and the inevitable changes in the terrain, which reveal a new landscape to the world.
And at this moment, it seems that as long as Chu Weiyang thinks about it, as long as Chu Weiyang moves his thoughts and thoughts a little, the glow can cross Chu Weiyang’s Dao Fruit, and there will be an infinite aura of heaven and earth. They gathered on their own in a moment, helping Chu Weiyang to refine the beautiful landscape in an instant and create a dojo.
At thi