ts and elixirs.

The man who sneak-attacked Wang Xuan was extremely powerful, almost becoming an indestructible body in the eyes of ordinary people. As a result, his face turned pale now.
Wang Xuan received a heavy blow on his back, and he rushed forward. The terrifying power of his palms shook his internal organs.
However, he finally stabilized and was not injured.
Behind him, the man was screaming, his hands were bloody and had been penetrated, and they were covered with bloody holes.
He could hardly believe that his most powerful palms were bleeding profusely and were like sieves, full of tiny holes.
What’s happening? Wang Xuan was surprised. When he saw this scene, he was also surprised.
Then, he seemed to remember something and felt incredible.
When he rescued Zhong Qing from the swamp, she took out two spiked steel plates from her body in shame and anger, and had to wear them until the end.
In the end, it was Wang Xuan who carried him and led him on the road.
Later, when Wang Xuan returned it to her, Xiao Zhong seemed to be very conflicted. She felt that he had touched it and she didn’t want to wear it anymore.
Wang Xuan was quite decisive. Seeing her disgusted look, he immediately retaliated and placed the tablet on his back.
At that time, Zhong Qing was so angry that she was too embarrassed to ask for it anymore.
Wang Xuan didn’t expect this thing to be of any use at all, and compared to his figure, such a “slim” steel plate only blocked an area of ????his back.
However, he never expected that the spikes would pierce the palms of the enemies who had successfully refined themselves.
/This is definitely not a special alloy in the general sense!
/Wang Xuan showed a strange look. He had never expected that there would be such a shocking and speechless result. In today’s short battle, various accidents happened frequently.
“You” the man looked at Wang Xuan angrily. He didn’t expect to meet such a ruthless opponent who could actually use rare secret gold to forge such insidious protective equipment.
At the same time, he felt very sorry for himself. He looked down at his hands and counted, there were a total of twenty-two bloody holes piercing the back of his hands, and his hands were trembling.
Naturally, the woman rushed forward and was speechless. The Diamond Technique practiced by her companion is a top-level body protection method. How could it be so miserable?
The most powerful thing about this man is his body, and the most offensive thing is his hands, but he was stabbed so miserably.
“Come on, let’s face each other and see who has the stronger palm power?” Wang Xuan said, putting away his dagger and shaking his hands to signal him.
Although the alien man couldn’t understand it, he could understand it, and his eyes immediately turned red. This was a naked provocation!
Did you hurt his hand when you bullied him? But he wasn’t afraid at all. Even if there were bloody holes, the Vajra Technique was terrifying.
He waved his hands and rushed over, wanting to kill Wang Xuan immediately.
But he