the ‘Half Spider Queen’ and the figure of Lord Arthur. The soldiers on the frigate and the remote military bosses who watched the battle through the frigate’s scanning system all Waiting for the collision between two level five experts.

One side is the notorious ‘Half Spider Queen’ on the Battle Star, who has been wreaking havoc on the Battle Star for many years, including the Divine World and the Interstellar Federation, and countless masters have died at her hands.
On the other side is the legendary upstart in the world of gods, a peerless genius with amazing talents.
This battle between two level five powerhouses is of great research value to the Interstellar Federation, so the military frigate almost turned on the scanning system to maximum power in order to view the battlefield more clearly.
The energy clone of the ‘Half Spider Queen’ moves extremely fast in space. Its huge body is entirely composed of energy. The fifth-level energy in this body alone is higher than the fifth-level bloodline in the energy clone of an ordinary Knight Templar. The power is many times greater.
The energy clone of the ‘Half Spider Queen’ was getting closer and closer to David, but David remained motionless, as if he hadn’t noticed it.
“Something is wrong!” Tohti’s fifth-level Templar was shocked. He saw that something was wrong with Lord Arthur’s state, and he seemed to be immersed in a state of enlightenment.
“Be careful!” He couldn’t help shouting, but in this space, even if the sound was transmitted through the power of the fifth-level bloodline, it was not as fast as the energy clone of the ‘Half Spider Queen’.
When the energy clone of the ‘Half Spider Queen’ was only ten meters away from David, David frowned slightly, seeming to feel unhappy at being disturbed.
/David did not wake up from the knowledge of the ‘Rule of Power’. The pressure put on him by the energy clone of ‘Half Spider Queen’ was too little. He could resist the ‘Half Spider Queen’ just by relying on the artifact ‘Dark Shadow’ on his body. After ‘the energy clone attacks for a period of time.
To know why the fifth-level Zerg doesn’t like energy clones, the main reason is that energy clones cannot share the Zerg’s natural abilities.
The strength of the fifth-level Zerg is not only the strength of its own body, but also the racial talent of the Zerg.
The energy clone of the fifth-level Zerg has a naturally weak defense due to the energy clone, and its power is completely driven by the fifth-level energy. It cannot be compared with the actual power of the fifth-level Zerg at all. It also has no racial innate ability. The fifth-level Zerg energy clone Its combat power can be imagined.
/Amid the concerns of the fifth-level Templars of Tohti and the attention of the Interstellar Federation military, the energy clone of the ‘Half Spider Queen’ stabbed David’s head with its legs, and in order to strengthen the attack power, the fifth-level energy Wrapped energy legs.
The black dragon Alexis adjusted his position slightly. If David still didn’t respond, he wo