injuries on him.

This was the most serious trauma he had suffered since he embarked on the path of spiritual practice, and even his internal organs were penetrated.
The moment the golden body technique broke through the defense, he used the physical technique recorded in the five pages of the golden book. The five internal organs resonated, the flames rose, and the runes on the arrow shafts that pierced into the flesh were once again obliterated.
But in the end, the arrow shaft penetrated through, and there was still some secret power left, tearing several holes in his lungs, and the injury was extremely serious.
The big demon flapped its wings desperately, arcs of electricity flowed, and it rushed high into the sky and flew into the distance.
At this moment, Grandmaster Ma’s eyes were red, angry and grateful. He knew that if Wang Xuan hadn’t stopped him, he would have been shot.
“It’s interesting. He was not shot. The dagger in his hand is very extraordinary. It can cut off the secret extraordinary talisman arrows at will.” On the ground, a transcendent person spoke.
“It’s indeed beyond my expectation. His physique is very strong, not much weaker than yours or mine.” The man holding the bow had cold eyes, and he opened the big bow again and said: “It’s beyond my accuracy range, please change a few Exploding Arrow, try to send him on his way without losing his flesh and blood!”
Obviously, he failed to shoot down the Pegasus with one arrow, and he also failed to shoot the young man, which made him a little angry and murderous.
Several arrow feathers pierced the sky, which was extremely terrifying. No matter how he ran away, Grandmaster Ma could not dodge them all.
Wang Xuan released his thunder and struck the inevitable arrow. The result was like detonating a gunpowder keg, causing a terrifying explosion in the arrow feathers.
He quickly turned around, leaned on his horse, and resigned himself to his fate.
Fortunately, the lightning he emitted was far enough to detonate the arrow feathers in advance.
If he were to let it get closer, it would be equivalent to a blow from an extraordinary strong man with all his strength, and it would definitely shatter him and Grandmaster Ma.
The big demon went crazy and tried his best to escape.
A big explosion swept through, causing burning pain on Wang Xuan’s back. When the extraordinary rune light bloomed, the armor and battle clothes on his body were all shattered.
The Golden Body Technique broke through the defense again. His back was bloody and bloody, and his ribs were almost exposed in some places. The only good thing was that this time, the internal organs were not injured.
One of Grandmaster Ma’s wings was pierced and bloody, and one of his hind legs was also blown open with a horrific wound. It was quite miserable, but it was not fatal.
“My hands are a little raw. I haven’t killed many people in the past six months, but I couldn’t even shoot a mortal, so he escaped.”
/The man on the ground put down his big bow, feeling deeply regretful, and shook his head.