was also a short story, so she never thought that Chu Kuang’s new work would actually be a full-length fairy tale.

And the other side.
Lin Yuan continues to write new fairy tales leisurely, and the preparations for the movie “Spider-Man” are naturally proceeding in an orderly manner. This is the rhythm of life that Lin Yuan is most familiar with. Under normal circumstances, this rhythm of life will not be disturbed. Disrupted.
Come to the company as usual.
The third apprentice Li Juli appeared.
Li Juli left the army?
“Ding dong.”
The system continued to prompt, this time about the set rewards: “Teachers are here to teach and answer questions. Congratulations to the host for officially completing the apprenticeship task and obtaining the permanent use of the Yang Zhongming character card!”
Lin Yuan smiled.
/Li Juli was used to Lin Yuan’s sternness, and rarely saw her master smile. The smile made her slightly distracted, and then she became nervous subconsciously: “Master, did I do something wrong?”
/Lin Yuan said sternly: “I think there is no need to continue today’s class. If you don’t contact me in the future, you don’t need to come here, because you have reached the qualifications for becoming a teacher like the two senior brothers.”
Li Juli was stunned.
This should have been a happy thing. She had finally been recognized by her master, but Li Juli couldn’t be happy because both senior brothers had mentioned that once she became a teacher, it meant that her master would no longer continue to teach her.
Lin Yuan said with a smile.
Since he didn’t have to go to class, he had to do some errands. He continued to type on the computer and write the story of “Shuke and Beta”. When he drank water, he found that Li Juli hadn’t left yet: “What’s the matter?”
Li Juli bit her lip and said: “I originally wanted to tell you after class, but since I don’t have class, I’ll tell you first. My dad said that he wants to invite you to be a guest on a new show recently, and asked you if you are interested. If so, If you don’t want to show your face, forget it.”
Lin Yuan said casually: “I won’t go.”
He didn’t ask about any programs. Because of Xianyu’s status, he had received countless invitations. “Blooming” even invited Xianyu to be a judge. This was the most popular music program in Lao Qinzhou. Lin Yuandu I didn’t go, let alone what new show?
“All right.”
Li Juli nodded.
In fact, she just had nothing to say and just refused to leave: “Because of the merger of Qin, Qi, and Chuyan, this show may be the most heavily invested music variety show in history, and it is even several levels higher than “Blooming”, so I That’s why my dad asked me to come over and ask if other music dads have accepted invitations to be judges. Teacher, can you tell me why you don’t want to show your face?”
Lin Yuan himself didn’t know. Anyway, he resisted showing his face. The camera would make him feel instinctive fear. But it was clear that Lin Yuan did not s