e strong. Fang Gang, am I willing to live this kind of life? I am not forced to do anything. I am old and can no longer deal with it. “

“I think you have a good attitude.” Old Chen smiled.
Qian An smiled and said: “My mentality, alas! Look, the people around me are so young and energetic, which shows that I miss the past. Only by looking at them can I savor the good times of my youth.”
/Wang Xuan glanced at the assistant next to him. She was a very young and beautiful girl. He always felt that this old man was old but his heart was not old.
Lao Chen said: “You are enjoying life. As for me, now that I am being remembered, I am still trying to protect myself.”
“Old Chen, you are really fierce. You scared a lot of people this time. And Xiao Wang, you are young and promising. Many people are starting to pay attention to you because you are much stronger than Chen Yongjie at the same age. , we can look forward to the future of earthly immortals!”
Wang Xuan raised his eyebrows slightly and said: “Who is trying to kill me? I stumbled and took some magical medicine in the secret place and got to this point by luck. Someone wants to harm me.”
Qian An smiled and said: “Xiao Wang, don’t be humble, and don’t underestimate the advisory groups of various companies. Their analysis of myths is quite good, and some people even suspect that you are already a transcendent. That picture, Wang His contempt, in the eyes of many people, is quite appropriate.”
After they entered the courtyard, the mysterious factor slowly fluctuated. In the sunset, it rose up as someone approached, and Wang Xuan could clearly see it.
“Put me together with two extraordinary beings. What can I say? Something will happen to me if I continue like this.” Wang Xuan introduced some particles and incorporated them into his body.
He and Lao Chen fought on the Yunwu Plateau, and after all, they lost some super matter. It would definitely not work for a long time, and they would need to take a spaceship to outer space to replenish it.
Various energy materials on the surface of the new star are too thin and are almost dry.
But if each family has such ancient monuments, then it will be a piece of pure land. There is no need to take a spaceship to collect essence from “Nine Heavens”.
“Young, powerful, seemingly extraordinary, and yet so low-key, it’s amazing.” Qian An sighed.
He didn’t wait for Wang Xuan to say more, and then said: “Xiao Wang, do you have a girl or friends? Look at the girl next to me. She is young, beautiful and capable. She started her own business just after her sophomore year and has a very profitable Internet business. Technology companies.”
Wang Xuan was speechless. This old man wanted to be a matchmaker just after meeting him?
/A young girl next to Lao Qian rolled her eyes and said, “Grandpa, what are you talking about!”
Wang Xuan was dumbfounded. He thought that this beautiful new girl was also one of Qian An’s assistants. He didn’t expect that she was his granddaughter.
“Qian Qian, the young man you see may become an earthly im