will be a disaster scene!”

“I know that there may be a large-scale embarrassing scene in the next episode, but I am still looking forward to what is going on. The music dads are so high up that I suddenly want to see them deflated.”
“Do not worry.”
“It’s not like a disaster scene. Top songwriters can write good songs when faced with singers who are difficult to deal with, but they just can’t fully display their abilities. Maybe there will be some wonderful chemical reactions?”
The reactions of the singers are also different. In fact, they are a mixture of worries and expectations. If they are matched with a composer with compatible styles, it will definitely be a big plus, but if the styles are not compatible, it will test the composer’s ability.
Lin Yuan has no resistance to this new rule. Random matching is just a random match. The music styles in the system are all-encompassing. He has no problem if he is asked to tailor some songs for each of the fifty singers at the scene.
“I’ll announce it now!”
Zhao Yingchrome was immediately pleasantly surprised!
Father Yang is good at many genres of music!
The other party definitely has songs that suit her!
Yang Zhongming smiled softly. No matter what singer he was matched with, he would not panic, because his research on music styles was diverse, including lyrical rock and even electronic music. Yang Zhongming had dabbled in it.
Anhong continued to read.
Sure enough, there are situations where singers and songwriters are incompatible. For example, Mike, who is good at electronic music, is actually matched with singer Hu Feng. Hu Feng is a bel canto singer. Electronic music is dynamic and exciting. What the two parties are playing is not a game at all!
Mike was helpless.
Hu Feng smiled bitterly.
This was the rule of the program group, so they had no choice but to bite the bullet. After a while, An Hong thought of Lin Yuan: “The singer Mr. Xianyu matched is Wei Yuanyun!”
The scene suddenly became lively, and both the composer and the singer showed strange expressions. The singer Xianyu matched also had a mismatched style, and the barrage suddenly exploded:
“What kind of luck is it for Xianyu to be matched with Sister Luck? Sister Luck usually sings songs that praise local customs. There was some online opinion saying that Sister Luck is the most local singer among the first-line singers!”
It turned out to be Wei Luck!
In terms of ability, she is a first-line female singer, known as Sister Good Luck in the world. Her music style is somewhat ethnic, but she also follows the popular love song route, so she is evaluated by many people as the most native female singer. Many listeners who think they have a high musical aesthetic, The song criticizing Wei Yuanyun is very vulgar and only farmers would like it.
/Where’s the fish?
The lyrics are beautiful.
The quality has never been low.
Among all Xianyu’s past compositions, there has never been any song that has a low-key feel. The overall line is relatively elegant. Even in comm