ntally changed you back.”

Tieguai Lu Zhishen complained. The two first met at Xuanlong Baijianmen. They did missions and leveled up together. They knew that Xiao Fengxian was the eldest daughter of a wealthy family, and she was severely addicted to the Internet and was particularly good at liver.
Speaking of which, he also wanted to date Xiao Fengxian, but he was rejected because he was ugly.
“Stop talking about this and show me your number.”
“Hehe, I’ve approved Sajia’s number. I’ll scare you to death if I tell you.”
Tieguai Lu Zhishen showed his number plate and said proudly: “How about it? I signed up at the last second. The number is 121466. You can see how many players are participating this time by looking at my number.”
Little Phoenix Fairy:
“What are you doing? What does your face mean? Are you shocked by Sajia’s actions?”
/“No, have you ever thought of a possibility?”
Xiao Fengxian raised her hands to cover her face: “The number on the number plate is the official ranking. The strength is ranked according to personal data. As for you, you happen to be in last place.”
/“No way?!”
Tieguai Lu Zhishen’s body trembled and he hurriedly turned around to check and confirm.
The good news is that he is not at the bottom, there are hundreds of thousands of participants.
“Looking at your ranking, I know how difficult life is. After all, you are so ugly, can’t you be more beautiful in terms of grades?” Xiao Fengxian complained.
“You can’t blame me. When I first became a disciple, the Sa family almost knelt down and licked the soles of their feet. As a result, the master walked very quickly, and the Sa family was lucky not to be infected with athlete’s foot.” After saying this, there was a moment of dejection.
This is so disgusting. Can you please bring up some topics from the underworld?
Xiao Fengxian rolled her eyes speechlessly and turned to look for the other three teammates. The result was not very friendly. His social circle was all non-professional players, and their rankings were not much different from Tieguai Lu Zhishen.
When it was Xiao Fengxian’s turn to show her number plate, the four salted fishes were shocked at the ranking of 2,500, and they all said they hugged her.
With that said, Tieguai Lu Zhishen was about to hug his legs, but was kicked away.
“It’s amazing. The Sa family remembers that we were almost the same before. We were basically useless. I didn’t expect Master to be able to bring you back to life.”
Tieguai Lu Zhishen gave a thumbs up and gave a thumbs up to his master, who he was destined to have no relationship with. Then he scratched his head and said: “We have no chance in the team competition and the secret realm competition. It’s not my fault. It’s just the four of us. Most people can’t lead them.” move.”
“Not always.”
“Why, do you have any other secret weapons?”
Seeing Xiao Fengxian’s mysterious face, Tieguai Lu Zhishen immediately perked up: “The Sa family knows, you plan to use your money power to make your opponent voluntarily admit defeat. Damn it, you damn rich m