fodder in the eyes of the industry.

Not many people are optimistic about Zhao Yingke’s comeback. The influence of a first-line singer and an ace songwriter is no joke.
And at this time.
Silver interior.
Chen Zhiyu was a little emotional and complained to his manager: “I planned to release a new song in March next year, but the company suddenly changed me to suppress a new singer next month. Have they asked me about my wishes?”
Chen Zhiyu.
He is the first-line singer sent by Yinguang to snipe Zhao Yingchrome.
The manager advised: “The arm can’t twist the thigh. This is the company’s decision, and we can’t refuse it. But Queen Xi has said that you won’t suffer the loss in vain, and will give you a make-up concert at the Qinzhou Grand Theater next year.” Will do.”
“I understand the truth, but I just don’t feel comfortable with it.”
Chen Zhiyu snorted coldly: “Zhao Yingke is the champion of “Blooming” after all. I suppress her like this, which really brings shame on my face. Her fans will also hate me.”
The manager sneered: “Her fans can’t compare with yours.”
Chen Zhiyu curled his lips: “Anyway, this won’t happen next time. In addition, let the company promote it well. Zheng Liang from Shahai will also release a song in January. I don’t want to lose to him.”
The agent quickly said: “That’s natural.”
Starting from the first-line singers sent by Yinguang and Shahai, it can be announced that the battle for the championship track next month has nothing to do with Xingguang.
To this.
Apart from Zhao Yingchrom herself, her fans should be the most angry group.
After reading the media reports, many people who supported Zhao Yingchrome were angrily criticizing Shahai and Yinguang for actually joining forces to suppress the newcomers. The methods were so disgraceful. However, Shahai and Yingguang had never seen such big storms, and Zhao Yingchrome’s few fans The saliva was not enough for them to bathe in. When publicly responding to the outside world, they just explained the matter as a “coincidence” and brushed it off.
Amid the controversy, time also passed bit by bit. Under the watchful eyes of countless people in the circle, January finally arrived, which also meant that the battle for the championship track in January had completely begun.
On this day of the first month.
The sea of ​​sand and the ray of silver light sang at the same time.
“Inflammable and Explosive” sung by Zhao Yingchrome also arrived as scheduled.
Morning time.
/For Chen Zhiyu, as long as he defeats Zheng Liang of Shahai, the championship song in January will basically be in his pocket.
Zheng Liang’s new song is called “Caramel”.
Just like your own songs, you can see promotions on the homepage of the player.
After putting on his headphones and listening to Zheng Liang’s song, Chen Zhiyu suddenly felt a little uneasy.
/He thought the other party’s song was pretty good.
Since there is not much difference in popularity between himself and Zheng Liang, the factors that can determine the outcome of this battle are actually the taste