just the most superficial layer, and the song Fish Daddy is obviously not only about singing about himself, but also to achieve the purpose of encouraging others.”

Many times, what the creator wants to express is important or not.
The key is what the listener hears in the song.
After all, there are too many people who need to “start all over again.”
Because it is the Spring Festival, many people are “staying up late”.
As a result, there are a lot of night owls this night.
Most of the activities that night owls do after staying up late on New Year’s Eve are online.
So soon more people noticed the song “Start Over”.
This includes many people in the music industry.
At this time, although the topic of the war of gods has gradually faded away, there is still a lingering warmth.
There is also some discussion in the music world about Clash of the Titans.
As a result, the song “Start Over” suddenly entered the music world’s field of vision and immediately caused a wave of waves.
It’s only January!
Xianyu actually released a new song?
He doesn’t even take a break during the Chinese New Year?
Could it be that he was not happy about losing to Yang Zhongming, so he was ready to massacre the losers in the January season rankings?
this moment.
The singers who participated in the competition for this season’s ranking were dumbfounded!
“Here comes the fish!”
There are A-list singers wailing.
It’s no secret that the competition in Clash of the Titans is the most intense all year long.
But precisely because the competition in the Battle of the Gods is too fierce, the competition for the season rankings in January is generally very small.
Basically no big boss will take action.
Because traffic is low during the Spring Festival, everyone is busy paying New Year greetings.
Besides, having just listened to the song “War of the Gods”, the audience’s ears are already very sophisticated, so the new songs released in January will basically not receive much attention.
This leads to some singers who are not that strong to choose January to release songs.
Because you can pick up the leaks in January.
Even if the traffic is low in January and the song’s attention is not high, wouldn’t it be a good thing if you can win a championship song while the big guys are taking a nap?
No matter what the gold content is.
But if a big boss like Xianyu takes action, these singers will obviously have no choice but to accept their fate.
“I declare that this year’s leak-picking plan has failed.”
“Father Fish is so cruel. Starting from “The King of Masked Singer”, he has released so many songs one after another, but he still has such rich creative energy!”
/“Come back in February.”
“Save it for February. Korea has joined the merger. According to the rules of previous years, there will definitely be a large number of Korean musicians making a strong attack in February!”
“Ma Dan, I almost forgot about this.”
/“It looks like we won’t be able to try to pick up the leak until next year.”
“It’s getting harder and harder to