one, they were plotting against each other all day long. They really thought that Xuan was blind. No.”

“For the sake of her good looks, let’s just play for fun. When Xuan gets tired of it, we can go find her daughter Huang Yu. If Xuan is a member of the Phoenix clan, he can defeat them one by one with just a few tricks.”
I don’t know how to evaluate it. I can only say that most people can’t think of such an outrageous plan.
/It was outrageous, but in terms of results, the plan was quite perfect. Ying Long couldn’t find anything to add, so he had to encourage Lu Bei to go ahead and do it boldly.
Don’t be afraid if things get serious, if the sky falls, you will have big brother to support you!
Lu Bei was ordered to leave, and the paper man stayed in the Forest of Steles. Thinking of Zhulong hiding in the wilderness, he secretly said trouble.
/Things were indeed not as simple as he imagined. Great changes were imminent, and the old guys no longer pretended to be dead. They jumped out one by one to get the big head.
Yinglong didn’t know how long Lu Bei would be able to sit on the throne of the Demon Emperor. After all, he was Zhulong, the great demon god who could compete with the Great Heavenly Lord and the Demon Lord.
But at this moment, his fear of the second-generation Demon Emperor has obviously dropped a lot.
The second-generation Demon Emperor is different from the first-generation Demon Emperor. He rises to the top with the help of his backing, rather than conquering the huge empire with one punch or one kick. The second-generation Demon Emperor of this level has limited ambition and is not worthy of being Ying Long’s opponent.
Thinking of his own Immortal Palace, Ying Long was very proud. Compared with all his competitors, he was the one closest to the Great Heavenly Lord, and he had one foot on the supreme throne.
The first smile is that Ji Chang is wise, the second smile is that Lu Bei is ignorant. He hopes that the great changes in the world will come as soon as possible. He has been waiting for this day for too long.
September 17th, travel around the mountains and rivers.
September 18th, a trip to the mountains and rivers.
September 19th, Lu Bei, Lu Bei, you can’t continue to degenerate like this. You have become the Demon Emperor before you become the Demon Emperor. If you become the Demon Emperor, wouldn’t you be worse than Lu Xi? ! Sex is like a bone-scraping steel knife. Indulging in beauty will inevitably lead to disaster. Don’t say you don’t understand this truth, cheer up quickly. You haven’t even read the Emperor’s document on suppressing demons!
September 20th, sightseeing.
After the Heaven and Earth Gate incident, Lu Bei went on an outing for five days in a row. He didn’t want to. He didn’t want to cheer up, but he had no choice. It was too difficult to quit, and they were so beautiful.
On September 22nd, Lu Bei put down the obsessed She Zhang. Sage Time repented and entered the ultra-long standby mode. He sternly rejected Han Miaojun’s team