d the title.

What surprised Lin Yuan was that just when he was customizing this novel, the system suddenly became energetic:
“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for triggering a new mission!”
Immediately afterwards, blue virtual text appeared in front of Lin Yuan’s eyes:
Mission Name: Martial Arts Revival
Mission content: Blue Star Martial Arts novels are gradually declining. The host needs to inject new thinking and vitality into Blue Star Martial Arts, so that martial arts can once again become the White Moonlight in the hearts of countless readers. The specific completion status depends on the influence of the host’s works, which may not be the same. Two martial arts novels can achieve the goal, host please work hard.
Mission reward: Wonderful writing skills
Wonderful calligraphy: The same special skill that corresponds to the painting environment allows the audience to perfectly perceive the host’s calligraphy artistic conception and its charm.
Special Skills?
write like an angel?
Lin Yuan was slightly stunned. He didn’t expect that calligraphy also corresponded to a special skill!
Lin Yuan has experienced the charm of painting.
Even people who don’t understand painting at all can feel the charm of those paintings.
/This is a metaphysical skill that can be called a bug!
Miaobi Shenghua is the same skill, and the effect is definitely worth looking forward to!
Without this skill, Lin Yuan was really afraid that he would write “Lanting Preface” and the audience would be indifferent!
This made Lin Yuan a little excited. He didn’t expect that his decision to write martial arts would have such benefits. It seems that the system also believes that martial arts still has great potential, because all the tasks released by the system so far can be completed. If it is a hopeless task , it is impossible for the system to release it!
He decisively accepted the task.
After accepting this task, Lin Yuan suddenly had an idea that made his heart a little hot!
He asked the system:
“If painting and calligraphy have corresponding special skills, does that mean that other arts such as music also have corresponding skills that allow ordinary people to feel the beauty?”
He had previously produced Chopin’s “Nocturne”.
However, the threshold for appreciation of classical music is too high.
It is true that many people like Chopin’s “Nocturne”, but many fans also say that they can’t quite appreciate the charm of this kind of classical music, and some even fall asleep while listening to it.
And what if there was a skill similar to Painting Realm?
/So with the classical music I have, is it possible to break through the so-called appreciation threshold and be enjoyed by all listeners, both refined and popular?
“Yes, this skill is called Zhiyin.”
The system gave an affirmative answer: “But the soulmate skills will not be sold. The host needs to obtain the gold treasure chest before it can be released.”
There really is!
Lin Yuan’s eyes widened.
As for the difficulty of obtaining this skill, L