‘t know that Sherlock Holmes’s best instrument is the violin? This song is a perfect match for the novel A perfect restoration of the world!”

“The suspenseful atmosphere of the song is amazing!”
“Listening to this song, I feel like I can transform into Sherlock Holmes and solve crimes!”
“The suspenseful atmosphere also has a bit of a weird and gloomy feeling. I have heard Xianyu’s songs before, but his previous songs have never shown this kind of darkness. This is definitely the best novel theme music, and it matches the special It’s like a movie soundtrack!”
“This makes me want to watch Sherlock Holmes again!”
“After all, I graduated from Yanzhou Conservatory of Music. After listening to this song, I suddenly felt that I had learned a lot of loneliness during my five years in college. This song will become a masterpiece in the hearts of all Sherlock Holmes fans!”
“Why the hell aren’t you rushing?”
“Even if it’s not about the friendship between Fish Daddy and the old thief, even if there’s no such thing as Xianyu saving Sherlock Holmes, the quality of this song alone is worthy of an attack by all Sherlock Holmes fans!”
Sherlock Holmes fans are shocked!
This is a carnival moment for Sherlock Holmes fans!
But is it not just Sherlock fans who like this song now?
Even listeners who have never watched “Sherlock Holmes” have become captives of this song on a large scale!
“This song is awesome!”
“No wonder Yu Daddy doesn’t change his songs. With this quality, why does Fish Daddy change his songs to hit the charts?”
“I was directly blown over by Xianyu!”
“Yu Daddy’s rap, I love it!”
“As soon as the main song started playing, I knew it would be a song that would be played on a loop for the next few days. It had an unprecedented musical style. I almost couldn’t imagine that this was the same person who wrote “Red Rose”!”
“Jiang Kui’s chorus is so amazing, it makes Fish Daddy’s ending sound like a god descending to earth!”
“Those who were worried that they might not be able to get this song because they haven’t watched Sherlock Holmes can rest assured.”
/“Although your evaluation is very high, I actually feel pretty good.”
“Plus one upstairs, why do I feel this song is a bit complicated?”
“Yu Daddy is really good at it. I listened to Yu Daddy’s “Wukong” before watching Journey to the West. Now this song directly made me place an order for a collection of Sherlock Holmes series novels in the middle of the night.”
Ordinary fans were also shocked!
However, unlike Sherlock Holmes fans, some ordinary fans have doubts about this song.
/At this time, the people who can really fully appreciate the awesomeness of this song are actually not Sherlock Holmes fans, but the professionals in the music industry!
Xianyu wants to clear the twelve seasons.
The Four Daqu Dads besieged Xianyu for revenge.
How could music industry professionals not pay attention to such a grand event?
After listening to this song, I realized that the knees contributed by the music industry are the most hefty and powerfu