contract with the black dragon Alexis, so he could sense the black dragon’s submissiveness. It’s not that Alexis really doesn’t know how to do it, he made a condition.

Although the black dragon Alexis does not study the soul, but with such strength, he can clearly sense the illusory body of the soul that cannot be seen by low-level strength people.
“Follow your orders!” The black dragon Alexis responded immediately after hearing that one-third of his soul energy could be given to him to heal the soul.
At this time, the black dragon Alexis doesn’t care about the rules of the dragon family. Anyway, there is no dragon family in the divine world, so he, the only dragon, can do whatever he wants.
The most important thing is to be able to obtain pure soul energy to heal the soul, allowing the black dragon Alexis to recover on his own. It took too long.
Although this soul energy has little effect on Black Dragon Alexis’s soul recovery, this is also relative. Every point of pure soul energy absorbed can reduce Black Dragon Alexis’s soul recovery time.
The black dragon Alexis now wants to regain his full strength and seek revenge from the God of Death.
The breath of the black dragon Alexis surged, and a special suction force came out. Except for David, who had a master-servant contract with the black dragon Alexis, no one on the battlefield could detect this special suction force. exist.
This special suction force had no effect on any other items or energy, but it exerted a strong suction force on the souls. The dead Zerg souls flew towards the direction of the black dragon Alexis.
This range also happened to cover the 80-kilometer radius of David’s use of ‘Dragon Power’ plus ‘High Frequency Sound Wave’. This allowed all the Zerg souls that David killed not to be wasted, but all were absorbed.
The Shadow Attendant’s workload has been reduced, so he can just let go and absorb.
David couldn’t help but marvel at the power of the Black Dragon Alexis. You must know that the Black Dragon Alexis has a damaged soul and cannot use many powerful abilities, but through this little trick, he can do this.
/While he was thinking about it, David sensed the aura of two level five Zerg rushing towards him, and a smile appeared on his face.
As long as these two level five Zerg don’t hunt down Dexter’s level five Templar and Nelson’s level five Templar, it will not be easy for the rest of the Zerg to kill two level five Templars in a short time. thing.
David spent so long traveling across the entire chaotic star field, and he didn’t want anything to happen to the two fifth-level Templars.
In the underground secret room, Dexter’s fifth-level Templar and Nelson’s fifth-level Templar suddenly found that the sound of destruction outside had disappeared, and then all the Zerg were evacuating, knowing in their hearts that this was Lord Arthur’s attack. It works.
There is no need to give Lord Arthur a position at this time. The two of them are also fifth-level Templars. When the fifth-level Templars wait in a safe place and rely on o